How to Get certified ProAdvisor badges

To Get certified ProAdvisor badges you need to follow this guide step by step. Also to get resolve any other issues, you can talk to our QuickBooks not responding support team.

It is an advance achievement to drive network between business owners and accounting professionals. One needs to work hard to become a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, a valuable distinction for small businesses searching for QuickBooks support.

The certification badges help you better reflect your capability and differentiate your practice in the Find-a-QuickBooks ProAdvisor Directory.

This batch offers several new things.

  • Better Visual Quality:- Your business card or will now look good because of the new design.
  • Better display of your achievement:- Its new color scheme helps you to display product skill better.
  • New Looks:-  It new look will attract more client which is a huge requirement nowadays

A process to download badges:

  • Sign in QuickBooks Online Account.
  • Click on ProAdvisor, from the Navigation menu.
  • Click the Certification tab.
  • Then press the Download Badge button.

NOTE: This button will only occur when there is a green confirm icon, to the right of the exam.

  • For the appropriate format of the logo that you need, Press on the Orange button.

NOTE: When you were currently notified as a ProAdvisor but do not see your passing showing as completed, or if you can not download the Certified ProAdvisor Logos.  Check ProAdvisor Certification Center does not show a completed exam or training module for troubleshooting.

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If you are facing any trouble regarding how to get certified ProAdvisor badges you can call our QuickBooks Pro Support Number by dialling our helpline number +1855-441-4417.

For certificates that are older than the currently available exams:

  • Handle to the Confirmation page as indicated above.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • Click View certification history.

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