QuickBooks Error: “The Attempt To Log In With The Username Failed” or “QuickBooks User Already Logged In”

Introduction of QuickBooks Error: The Attempt To Log In With The Username Failed

To use all the features of QuickBooks, comprehensive accounting software in an effective manner or open any QuickBooks file, it is required to create an account on your QuickBooks software and log into it. But, when you are trying to attempt to log into a company file, you will see the following error message :

The attempt to log in with the username failed

“The attempt to log in with the username failed”, “This user is already logged into the company file” Or “If possible, try logging in a using a different username”.

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Possible Reason for QuickBooks error “The attempt to log in with the username failed” or “QuickBooks user already logged in”

There are can be several possible causes of the error. Some of are :

  • The user is trying to log into a company data file by using the QuickBooks Remote Access, and the previous session is not logged out.
  • The session is already logged in with the same credential into the company file from a different location.
  • A fluctuation or change happened in the network due to an electrical problem.

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How to Fix the Problem – In order to resolve this issue, you are required to follow this process :

  1. You need to close all your QuickBooks processes.
    1. Now, opening the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete on your keyboard.
    2. And now, you need to go to the Processes tab.
    3. Now, sort the image of process names in alphabetical order of running all processes.
    4. Now, you are supposed to end every single process that starts with “QB”. In order to do that, just hit right click on the process name and hit End Process.
    5. After closing all the process of QuickBooks and try to Log In to the QuickBooks company data file.
  2. You are required to restart your server where you are storing and hosting your company data file.
  3. Open or start QuickBooks on a Workstation.
  4. Now, attempt to open a company data file.
  5. If it is failed, you need to try to log in as a different user.
  6. Or If it is still no luck with logged in, contact your Quickbooks Administrator.
  7. Or If you are a QuickBooks Administrator, and you are using QuickBooks version 2008 or later, then in order to rest credential, you need to hit the reset button on the login screen and answers the displayed questions.
  8. If you are having issues with resetting the credential, then download the Automated Password Reset Tool.
  9. After resetting the credential, and still fails to log into the company data file, then you need to restore a backup made before the issue arises and reenter the date.
  10. If the backup is not in enough accurate status, then you are required to submit the file to the Data service for recovery.

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