Points To Study Before Cancel QuickBooks Online Subscription

Planning to cancel QuickBooks Online Subscription, then you must read this blog. Read the information provided before you cancel your QuickBooks Online subscription. There are some points you must be aware of it before canceling the QBO subscription, read the complete article to collect all the details. For more info contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor toll-free: +1-844-405-0904

Things To Understand Before You Cancel Your QuickBooks Online Subscription

Things to look, before you cancel QuickBooks Online subscription

  • It’s necessary that you have to be signed in to your QuickBooks company as the Master Administrator or Company Administrator.
  • Contact your accountant to cancel, if you purchased your subscription from your accountant.
  • If you purchased your subscription from a mobile app store (such as iTunes/Apple Apps or Google Play). Please see Unsubscribe or cancel QuickBooks Online subscription purchased through an app store (iOS or Android)
  • If you’re not in the United States, please see Cancel your QuickBooks Online subscription.
  • Also, if you have a Payroll Subscription, you must complete or clear all e-payments and direct deposits before you can cancel.
  • You must re-subscribe before you can cancel if your account has been suspended.
  • You can downgrade or upgrade your subscription plan as per your choice if you don’t want to cancel your subscription. See the instruction given below to upgrade your subscription.
  • Note: You can downgrade your QuickBooks Online to a lower offering only if you use the United States version.
  • You can upgrade in a few easy steps:
    • Choose Account and Settings.
    • Select Billing & Subscription from the left menu.
    • From the QuickBooks section, select Upgrade. If you don’t see the upgrade, this means you’re already using QuickBooks Online Plus, our most advanced offering.
    • You’re presented with options for upgrading, along with features and pricing. Select Upgrade for the product you want.
    • If prompted, enter payment information.
    • Confirm the upgrade and billing, then select Confirm Upgrade.

We recommend that you save your data before you cancel your subscription:

  • You have to print all QuickBooks Online forms like the 1099 form, W-2 form, and reports that you might need.
  • If you are converting to the desktop, export your data to QuickBooks Desktop.
    • For information on exporting your data see Exporting from Online to Desktop or Visual Guide to Export.

NOTE: If you are using QuickBooks Online on Mac, you cannot export to the desktop yourself. You will need to Contact Us with QuickBooks support assistance.

What happens to my QuickBooks Online data after I cancel?

When you cancel your subscription, you have read-only access to your QuickBooks Online data for one year. Here we are telling you these few things that change the length of time and your data is available to you.

Read this carefully:

  • If you cancel your subscription during a free trial or if your subscription trial expires then your data exist for 90 days.
  • You have 14 days to update your billing information If your credit card is declined. During this time you have full access to your QuickBooks Online. But after 14 days, your account is suspended. You cannot access your QuickBooks online but you have read-only access for one year.

We recommended that you have to export or print your data before you cancel.

You can export your data from QuickBooks to Excel or to the desktop version of QuickBooks up to a year after you cancel your subscription if you were subscribed to QuickBooks Online. But if you were using a QuickBooks Online Demo version, you have to export your data within 90 days after you cancel it.

Wrapping Up

We hope this information will help you. If you want more detailed information or assistance on this topic, you can call us and talk to a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor at our toll-free number +1-844-405-0904.

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