What Right Networks Hosting in QuickBooks: Plan, Pricing & Review

Right Networks is an Intuit authorized cloud hosting service for QuickBooks Desktop accounting software. It will be very convenient for you to work with your team using Right Networks cloud-enabled QuickBooks Desktop.

In this article, we are going to discuss what is Right Networks Hosting and review and compare different QuickBooks Desktop Right Networks plans.

When you switch QuickBooks Desktop into the cloud using the Right Networks, you get the flexibility of working with the software anywhere and features & functionality of the QuickBooks Desktop as well.

What is Right Network Hosting in QuickBooks?

Right Networks Hosting allows you and your team work simultaneously anytime, anywhere on Quickbooks Desktop. In simple terms- you and your team can work on Quickbooks Desktop from your remote location at the same time. You don’t need to come to the same location to access Quickbooks desktop because with the Right networks Hosting your software and files are stored on the cloud, not on the on-premises hosts. It’s also no matter which device like, Desktop, laptop or tablet, and operating system windows or mac, you are using.

Everyone can easily use the Right Networks, you just need to signup with the Right network Hosting plan that suits your business requirement. After sign up, you can easily take advantage of the same QuickBook Right Network Hosting productivity tools.

Right Network Hosting Reviews:

Right Networks Cloud Hosting provides application integration for accounting firms, accounting and tax professionals, and small business owners. Also, Right Networks practices in QuickBooks desktop cloud-hosting, more than 250 additional applications may be supported in hosted environments. The product allows great scalability to match the business needs, with three standard plans. Wright Networks was also the winner of Outsourced Technology Services at the Readers’ Choice Awards for the 2019 CPA Practice Advisor.

Right Networks provides 99.999% uptime, utilizing a variety of system protocols to secure data, also covering the clock physical security onsite at the location of its top-tier data centers; Security camera system, data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and secure daily backup. Right Networks practices a 90-day retention period for all data stored on servers and physical data centers located over several miles using redundant power systems and onsite power generation for all servers .

Right Networks is recently the most extensive provider of its QuickBooks desktop solution promoting cloud-hosting. The company is an elite QuickBooks solution provider, in which Intuit promotes a cloud-hosting solution on its website. Firms and businesses can also purchase their QuickBooks desktop licenses directly from Right Networks. QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and Enterprise 2020 editions are already hosted on the Right network, also 2019, 2018, and 2017 numbers, as long as they are recommended by Intuit to align with their product strategy.

Right Networks Hosting Plans

There are three different types of hosting plans are available and below we are going to discuss applications and features that every plan offers. So, you can choose the best plan according to your business requirements.

  1. QuickBooks Desktop Cloud: This plan is perfect for small businesses that have relatively fewer data to store as compared to the medium-sized enterprises. The price of this plan is $55 per user for a month.
  2. Business Cloud: For a medium-sized company, Right Networks Business Cloud plan should be a perfect choice. In addition to the QuickBooks Desktop Cloud features, users also get some advanced features like expense management, billing, tax compliance, and document management as well. The price of the Right Networks Business Cloud plan is $66.99/month per user.
  3. Application Cloud: If you are a medium-sized business and if you are planning to expand your business then this plan will surely increase your capabilities. In the Right Networks Application Cloud plan, you not only get the advanced features of QuickBooks Desktop Cloud and Business Cloud but in addition to this, you also get full access to the Right Network application ecosystem and advanced office functionality as well. The pricing of the Application Cloud plan is $76.99/month per user.

In the table below, we are going to show you different features, add-ons, and other services that every Right Networks plan has to offer.

FeaturesQuickBooks Desktop CloudBusiness CloudApplication Cloud
Transfer your QuickBooks Desktop company data to the cloud without any issue.YESYESYES
Access your QuickBooks Desktop anytime, anywhere, or from any device you want securely.YESYESYES
Work on the QuickBooks Desktop company file at the same time.YESYESYES
Right Networks Cloud Service works with any QuickBooks Desktop license. (For example Buy a new license, lease, or currently owned license.)YESYESYES
All your QuickBooks Desktop applications and other utilities are stored in the remote desktop server.YESYESYES
A Client Portal: Easily accessible and easy to navigate through.YESYESYES
Automatically updates the QuickBooks Desktop to the latest version.YESYESYES
Process of Data migration and set up is very easy.YESYESYES
All the company data is stored in the secures cloud storage.YESYESYES
You can easily integrate other applications like Bill.com, Avalara, Tallie, and Expensify with QuickBooks Desktop software.YESYES
10 GB of cloud storage for Microsoft Excel.YESYES
Unlimited access to the Right Networks application ecosystem.YES
50 GB of cloud storage for Microsoft Office Suite.YES

QuickBooks versions that are compatible with the Right Networks

These are the QuickBooks versions that Right Networks can host on the cloud.

  1. QuickBooks Desktop Pro
  2. QuickBooks Desktop Premier
  3. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

Difference between Hosted QuickBooks Desktop and Normal QBD

If you use QuickBooks Desktop on the cloud using the Right Networks hosting service then you will be able to access the QuickBooks software anytime and anywhere. You and your team can access the QuickBooks Desktop company file not only from the computer it is installed but from any device you want. The device can either be a laptop, tablet, or computer.

The only thing you need is a good internet connection so that you can easily use the various QuickBooks tools for accounting services.

Benefits of QuickBooks Right Networks Hosting

Access QuickBooks Desktop Data anytime and anywhere

Since your QuickBooks application is installed on the remote data center and your data is stored on the clouds, you can access it anytime using any device only by using a simple client program. You only need an internet connection and simply just sign in with your username and password using the remote access application. Literally, there will be no difference in the software, it will be the same as it was on the local computer.

Data Security

Your QuickBooks Desktop company files and data are stored in the state of the art data center, so you don’t have to concern about data security. The Right Networks Data centers are completely reliable, with high-level security, 24/7 video surveillance, advanced network firewalls, and many more high-end security features like that.

Also, you don’t need to worry about the data loss due to the system crash. Unfortunately, if that happens then you can access your company data from any other computer. With that, your business will be kept on running no matter what happens.

Data Protection and Backup

Your business data is protected in the Right Networks Data Centers with multi-layer encryptions, firewalls, daily encrypted backups, and many more security measures. After that, you back up data is scanned with high-end antivirus software. The Right Networks keeps your backup data for the 90 days, so you can restore it in case of data loss or damage.

Limitations of Right Networks Hosted QuickBooks

Since the Right Networks is hosting service, there are a few limitations due to its hosting nature.

  1. QuickBooks Update and Reinstallation: If you are using the Right Networks hosting service then it will automatically update the QuickBooks Desktop to the latest version. If you want to reinstall the previous version of the QuickBooks Desktop or need to run a repair then you may have to contact the Right Networks customer support. Also, remember that payroll updates are run automatically as well. So if you want to have any information about any particular update like when is the update going to available then you need to enquire on support@rightnetworks.com.
  2. System Settings: All the system settings for the QuickBooks Desktop will be set up automatically for you. You don’t have to worry about things like advanced browser settings, Firewall ports and exceptions, email ports, etc. You don’t need to configure these settings manually.
  3. File Storage: Once you start using the Right Networks hosting service for QuickBooks Desktop then you won’t be able to access your QB installation file or computer local files via Right Networks. If you want to transfer files in or out from the Right Networks Cloud then you need to use the Right Networks File Manager.
  4. QuickBooks Tools: For using any of QuickBooks troubleshooting tools like QuickBooks File Doctor, QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool, QuickBooks Install, and QuickBooks Refresher or if you want to use add-ons like QuickBooks Shipping Manager then you have to contact the Right Networks support for assistance.

Customer Support

If you are using QuickBooks Desktop with Right Networks hosting then you should need to know who to contact for any specific issues.

QuickBooks Support:We can assist you, no matter if you are using QuickBooks by installing it on your local computer or on the Right Networks.
But there are a few circumstances and conditions under which only Right Networks support can help you. Apart from that, if the issue is related to the payroll or any performance issues like Intuit Payments, Error messages, adding users, etc then you can have assistance from us.
The only thing you need to do is to call us on our 24/7 toll-free QuickBooks Support number +1-855-441-4417.
Right Networks Support:Once you are signed up for the hosting service then Right Networks will help you in the installation and data migration.
You can contact Right Network Customer Support if you are facing any login or hosting issues, updating to a new version of QuickBooks, or if you are having trouble uploading or downloading data files.
You can either visit the Right Networks official website or you can also contact the 24/7 technical support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the Right Hosting Plans?

You can easily choose your plan from QuickBook’s official pricing site. Be wise, first understand your requirements and then choose your plan accordingly. After signing in, you can easily invite your team within minutes.

How many users can I add on a single subscription?

Your Right network users depend on your Quickbooks user count. Like you have a 6 Users in  Enterprise Solution subscription, you have to add only 6 hosting users.

How can I add users to Right Networks?

  • You purchased a subscription with a limited no of users according to your need, For this, you just need to go to My Account Portal to add users on your Hosted QuickBooks Desktop.
  • If you fall short with the limit to add users then you can contact intuit to exceed the limit to add the no of users. After exceeding your limit, follow the first step to add users.

Is it safe my data on Hosted QuickBooks Support?

In Technology, Security is the main concern. Yes, your data is fully secured on the cloud. Right Networks Hosting offers enterprise-class anti-virus technology, firewalls, encryption, and multi-layer access controls that help protect your files and transmissions from any unauthorized access.

Is Hosted Quickbooks Desktop gives more speed and accuracy?

It’s a whole internet-based service. All you need good connectivity of the internet to increase Speed and Accuracy.

What is the top reason to choose Right Networks Hosting?

It is a very general question, and you must know why you choose Right Networks Hosting over local Quickbook Desktop. The reasons are:

  • First, you can easily access your applications and data from anywhere and anytime.
  • You don’t need to worry about Data Security and Protection, Server Maintenance, Data Backup, and Network Maintenance. It can be managed automatically by Right Networks.

Above, we have discussed everything you need to know about the QuickBooks Right Networks Hosting like pricing and comparison of different Right Networks plan and benefits as well as limitations of the QuickBooks Desktop Right Network Hosting over the locally installed QuickBooks Desktop.

If you have any more queries or questions related to the QuickBooks or accounting and bookkeeping then you can call our Intuit Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. They have experience of lots of years and they can instantly solve any errors. Call us at our 24/7 toll-free number for more information +1-855-441-4417.

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