QuickBooks Error The File Exists Fix (Step-By-Step Tips)

Have you faced an error that says “The File Exists” while working on QuickBooks? If so, then you have landed on the right page. There’s no wonder why QuickBooks is the best accounting software for managing business stuff. However, there are certain glitches that may affect your work. So here in this article, we are providing step-by-step tips to troubleshoot the error. This issue is definitely going to be resolved by yourself if you go through the whole article. Still, you face a problem regarding this, contact us. +1-844-405-0904

But don’t panic as to every problem there’s a solution. So in this article, we are going to cover step-by-step tips to troubleshoot the QuickBooks File Exist Error. Apart from this, we’ll also discuss what this error is and why it occurs.

QuickBooks Error The File Exists

QuickBooks Error The File Exists Error Explained

The File Exist Error in QuickBooks is the most common error. People mostly face this error message while working on its accounting features.

Downloading Payroll, while Opening a State or Federal Form, and Paying Scheduled Liabilities are few situations (commonly seen) when we see this error with a message “Windows Error Was the File Exists”.

Before we learn how to fix QuickBooks File Exist Error, let’s just know the reasons why this error generally occurs.

Reasons Why The ‘File Exists’ Error Occurs in QuickBooks

Being a handy software, there are certain issues that cause the File Exists Error. Below is a list of few factors responsible for this error:

  • Having a Poor or Slow Internet Connection
  • Windows Firewall Security Issues
  • QB Desktop Application has been Outdated
  • Interruption caused by the Windows User Account Control Panel
  • If the user doesn’t have the credentials or proper admin rights to access the Window
  • Last but not least, If there’s some error in the QB Installation
  • The Internet Settings are not properly configured

Step-By-Step Troubleshooting Tips To Fix QuickBooks ‘File Exists’ Error

Below are some best-proven tips to fix the QuickBooks File Exists Error and get rid of it completely.

Tip-1: Try Updating QuickBooks Desktop Application

To do this kindly follow the steps given:

  1. Select the Product Information option from your QB Desktop App
  2. Next, select the appropriate Version and Year of your QB software
  3. Now proceed by pressing the Search button, then click on Get Latest Updates
  4. Save the files in your system and run the installation process to initialize the updates

Note: Make sure you reboot your system after all the updates have been installed.

Tip-2: Try Allocating full Access to the user

Here are few steps to do this:

  1. Select the Open File Location Option by right-clicking the QuickBooks Application icon
  2. Now Erase The File Address completely
  3. Again right-click the QB app icon and select the Properties option
  4. Under Security Tab select the Edit option and then Add option
  5. In the Share Permissions tab select the Everyone option
  6. Just below, you’ll find the Full Control option. Just select that option and hit the Apply button
  7. Now reboot the system and try working on it again

Tip-3: Try To Turn Off UAC (User Account Control)

To turn off User Account Control, follow the given step:

  1. Kindly Open Windows Control Panel
  2. Find or search for the User Account option and click on it
  3. Now select the Change User Account Control Settings option.
  4. A pop-up alert will open, select Yes and proceed
  5. Now check if the UAC feature is turned ON or OFF, In case it is ON, then turn it OFF
  6. Restart the system

Tip-4: Try to Re-register QuickBooks .DLL and .OCX files

This is another way to fix the “File Exists” Error. Here how to do it:

  1. Before doing anything make sure to Close the QB Desktop Application
  2. Now select the Properties option by right-clicking the QB icon
  3. Next, you need to click on the Open File Location option and search for the reboot.bat file
  4. Now Run this file as an Administrator by right-clicking the file
  5. A Command Prompt window will open. Kindly wait to let it scan all the QB files.
  6. Once done, reboot the system and check if the error is fixed!

Tip-5: Try Reinstalling the Software From Scratch

To re-install the QuickBooks Software follow the steps given:

  1. Open Control Panel and find the Programs heading
  2. Under that select the Uninstall a Program option
  3. Find QuickBooks in the list and hit the Uninstall option
  4. Follow the on-screen commands and you are done
  5. Now download the Intuit QuickBooks Software again
  6. Clean install the program from scratch and reboot the system

Note: Make sure to download the software from its rightful owners, also check if the software has registered trademarks of Intuit.

We hope this guide has helped you in troubleshooting the File Exists Error in QuickBooks. If in case you still have any queries or issues then feel free to contact the support team.

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