How to plan your profit with QuickBooks budgeting?

How to plan your profit with QuickBooks budgeting?

Looking to plan your profit with QuickBooks budgeting? Here in this blog, we have described in detail what it is as well how important role it can play to grow your business. Learn how we can plan as well implement it.

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We all know that running a business successfully is a complex task in itself and what even more complex is creating a budget for your business. The general perception about budgeting is different among different business owners, some consider it as a very important aspect of the business while some consider it as a restriction to their business growth.

However, If you have some ultimate goal or aim in your mind that you want to achieve in a certain period of time. Than overlooking or ignoring budgeting can hamper your chances of achieving that goal and ultimately restricting your business growth.

Importance of Profit Planning

So, it’s important to plan your budget in such a way that it doesn’t restrict your business growth. And you would be able to save your business from falling short. That is the reason why nowadays the focus from “planning the expenses” is shifted to “planning the profit” business is going to make in a financial year. “Profit Planning” is all about budgeting. In such way that your profit margin is ensured at the end of a financial year or month.

How to Use QuickBooks Budgeting Tool to plan your profit

QuickBooks is a great accounting tool. But a proper financial coaching is necessary before you move on to this accounting software. Another such thing is profit planning which can be done flawlessly with the help of Quickbooks. You can prepare the budget for the whole company by job/customer or by the class.\

These are the steps you should follow to set up the budget in Quickbooks:

  • First of all click on Company at the top bar of QuickBooks followed by Planning and budgeting
  • Click on Set up a budget, your last prepared budget with appear if you have already created a budget before, you can edit it here otherwise you have to click on Create a new budget for a fresh new budget.
  • Now a new pop up would have appeared, click on Profit and loss this will include you all activities from previous years and then click Next.
  • Now, on this screen, you have to select your budget criteria if it is for Customer/job or it is for Class, click Next after choosing your criteria.
  • If you want to create a fresh budget by filling all the data by yourself then you have to choose to Create a budget from scratch, alternatively, you can prepare the budget from previous years actual data. Click Finish after choosing the right option.
  • Now you have to decide that you want to enter the same amount of each month of the year. Or the amount going to vary throughout the year. Usually, the amount such payroll continues to vary around the year. And amount such as rent and insurance continues to remain same.
  • If the amount is going to remain same you can quickly enter the data by just filling the data for a single month and using function Copy across, this will copy the data you have entered for the single month in rest of 11 months.
  • You can use the function “Adjust row amount” for the amount that keeps on changing throughout the year.

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Reporting  “Profit plan”

The most important aspect of Budgeting is how you report your budget. Because only by correctly reporting and analyzing your budget you will be able to decide what’s good for your business. And where you can cut down your cost so that business can be more efficient.

By proper reporting and analyzing you will able to know how much your expenses are? As compared to your income. Also, you will be able to compare your business activities with your current fiscal year budget. Or budget from the previous years.

Profit plan or budget can act as a great alarm. As soon as your business outcome starts to show deviation from the actual budget. You have prepared and you will be able to take the necessary steps to correct that deviation and plan accordingly.

To report your budget please follow these steps:

Different types of reports available in QuickBooks are:

Budget Overview: The format of this report is similar to the format of financial statements, Here you can check if the amounts entered during the preparation of budget are correct or not, compare the projected net income that is available in this reports with your goal for the financial year or month.

Sometimes, even after the data is entered correctly. The net projected income is lower than the goal you have set for the company. In that case, you have to make adjustments.  And also get the projected net income up to your goal for the company.

Budget vs Actual: As the name suggests it compares your actual company data with the budget you have pre-defined for a certain period of time, It indicates you how much amount you are actually running over your budget or how much amount you are running under your predefined budget.

All these data are also available in percentage form:

Profit & Loss Budgeting Performance :- This is the most detailed report of all, similar to Budget vs Actual report it also shows the performance of your business as compared to  the predefined budget,  but here we can choose the time period for which we want to see the report, For example in this report we can see the report for only a single month or quarter out of a whole year.

As the performance of a business can never be predicted. You may have to change your targets from time to time. So, Quickbooks profit plan gives you access to make changes to your plan. If you want to change your goal during a year according to your sales.

Profit Planning is the perfect tool for your business, which will help you to plan, grow and reach the success.

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