How to do Payroll Checks in QuickBooks?

How to do Payroll Checks in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a perfect option for all sizes of businesses to take care of payroll in-house. QuickBooks payroll takes some time in initial setup, but after setup, maintaining payroll with the program is quick. It is very simple to do Payroll checks in QuickBooks.

After filling the information of every employee into the QuickBooks program, printing a paycheck is very simple.

How To Print payroll checks

You can either compose checks inside QuickBooks directly after running payroll by clicking the “Print Paychecks” button, or you can go Employee>Payroll center and it will demonstrate to you what number of checks are prepared to be printed.

Step1: Select your printer

Select the printer you wish to send checks to.

If you don’t have a wireless printer, to attach the computer to your printer.

Step2: select the printer type

Select the printer type use the drop-down menu. You can choose between continuous, page-oriented, or laser.

Step3: Choose Your Check Style

Next, choose your check style. You can select a voucher, standard, or wallet.

Step4: Enter Number of Copies

Select the number of copies                             

Step5: Check Additional features

Check the box next to any extra criteria you wish to choose. You can choose to print collated sheets, print your company name and address include a company logo, and/or print a signature image on your checksCheck the crate beside any extra criteria you wish to choose. You can print grouped sheets, print your organization name and address include an organization logo, and additionally print a marked picture on your checks.

Step6: Adjust font (optional)

If you want, you can change both the check font and address font.

Payroll checks in QuickBooks.

  • Choose “Employee Center” button at the top of the QuickBooks screen.
  • Click “New Employee” to enter new employee information
  • Select “Payroll and Compensation Info” and enter the employee’s payroll item.
  • From the “Pay Frequency,” drop-down list select the pay period
  • Click the “Taxes” button and enter the information from your employee’s W-4 form.
  • Also, click the “Employee” link
  • In the “Check Date,” text box enter the date you want to appear on the payroll checks
  • Choose the bank and check the list of active employees
  • Click “Print Paychecks” and then select “Print Paychecks” again

Now paychecks for the current pay period will print.

Point to remember:

Please follow the step mentioned above in given order only. Skipping any step may lead to the errors.

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