How To Fix QuickBooks Error 1935: Installation & .NET Framework Error

As you know about QuickBooks business accounting software, is used for small and medium-sized businesses. But you also know this software thing, like any other software users might have encountered or will encounter issues that end up throwing the error and warning messages on the system screen. And when we face this issue, sometimes we could become clueless as to how to fix such problems. Here in this article, we discuss the solution of QuickBooks Error 1935. So, go through the article to learn different methods to troubleshoot this issue and its causes too. For more info or help contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor toll-free:+1-844-405-0904

Read the instruction given below:

For instance, we shall take the QuickBooks error which can occur when installing QuickBooks or Microsoft .NET Framework. This error is discussed below.

  • Error 1935 occurs when installing QuickBooks or .NET Framework

While installing QuickBooks or Microsoft .NET Framework, you could face either of these errors:

  • Error 1935: This setup requires .NET Framework.
  • Error 1935: An error occurred during the installation of the assembly.
quickbooks error 1935

Causes of QuickBooks Error 1935

  • System files of Microsoft .NET Framework are in use by another installation.
  • Antivirus applications are preventing installation.
  • .NET Framework is not installed or may be damaged.

Solutions of QuickBooks Error 1935

Check out the below solutions to resolve Error 1935 in QuickBooks. 

Solution 1 

  • First, on your keyboard press and hold the windows keys +R simultaneously and now you will see a Run box display on your screen in the bottom left corner.
  • Later, on the run box, enter ‘msconfig’ and click on OK
  • Now, look for the Selective Startup and then go to General Ta, click on Load System Services and later go to Load Startup Items
  • Click on the ‘Services Tab’
  • Select ‘Hide all Microsoft services and select ‘Disable ’
  • Unmark the checkbox ‘Hide All Microsoft Services 
  • View the list of Services and make sure that Windows Installer Checkbox is marked. If it is not marked then make it mark.
  • Select OK
  • Now, go to ‘Restart in the system configuration window’ and simply restart your computer.
  • After restarting the computer, do a Clean Install of your QuickBooks
  • Now again press and hold CTRL+R simultaneously to open RUN Command
  • Enter ‘msconfig’ again and click on OK
  • Now, go to the Normal startup and look for the General tab and click on OK
  • Go to the system configuration window, click on Restart and restart your computer

Solution 2 Disable the Antivirus Temporarily

  • First, restart your Computer and Start the Installation
  • It is recommended to temporarily disable the Anti-Virus or Anti-Spyware software while installing of software.
  • Once the installation is finished, then Enable Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware Software

Solution 3 Update your Windows

  • Go to the Start Menu
  • Later, type ‘Update’ in the search box and click on Enter.
  • Now, you will see a Windows Update Dialog Box will come up on your screen
  • If you observe any Updates are available or in a pending state, then choose the ‘Install Updates’ option

Solution 4 Re-Install

  • First, restart your computer that has QuickBooks install error 1935, and after the restart, perform the installation method.
  • Make sure during the Installation to stop the Anti-virus program
  • Now, install QB and .NET Framework ( if you have not already).
  • Later, restart the Anti-virus program after the QB and the.Net Framework are successfully installed.

Note: If still, you are facing the issue after following these steps then you need to consult a qualified IT professional or Microsoft because maybe your operating system is damaged.

Solution 5 Check .Net Framework

  • The very first step is to open the control panel.
  • Then the second step is to search for the switch that says “turn Windows features ON or OFF.”
  • After that, you have to check whether .Netframework 4.5 is enabled or not.
  • If it is not on then turn it on immediately.
  • Now close the windows feature and reboot your computer.
  • After doing the steps mentioned above you have to click on the Ok tab to restart the computer and untick the option to fix framework.
  • Now lastly, you have to enable .Net Framework and restart your computer.

Solution 6 Use the Diagnostic Tool

  • Firstly, you have to download and install the Quickbooks tool hub.
  • Now open the installed tool hub and move to the installation issue tab.
  • After that, you have to select the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool tab that runs the tool.
  • Now you leave the tool that runs and scans all the errors and also fixes the issues.

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