How To Embed The ProAdvisor Badge To Email Signature?

Want to know how to embed the ProAdvisor badge to email signature? In this article, we are to describe the information related to embed the badge. It’s really great to have the feature to embed your important information as an email signature in your ProAdvisor badge. To do as such requires that your email program takes into consideration HTML in the marked field. Gmail permits it, as does Outlook. Go through the article to learn to download the ProAdvisor badge, steps to embed the email signature. For more info contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor toll-free: +1-844-405-0904

Embed the ProAdvisor badge to your email signature

This blog post describes in brief how you can embed the ProAdvisor badge to your email signature. So keep on reading. To get any type of help, you can talk to our U.S based QuickBooks experts. Dial toll-free phone number +1-844-405-0904 to contact them.

To embed the ProAdvisor badge to your email signature you need to get certified ProAdvisor badges and attach it to your email signature.

How To Download ProAdvisor Badges

you can download a badge or certification to use in marketing materials after becoming the certified ProAdvisor. You also have an option to include the badge in your email signature and on your website.

Here are the steps to guide you on how to download a Certified ProAdvisor badge or certification:

1. First, go to the left menu, and click on ProAdvisor.

2. Next, click on the Training tab.

3. On the relevant exam card, from the drop-down list, click on Download Certificate.

Once your badge is ready, then you will be able to embed it with an email signature.

Steps To Embed the Email Signature

Saving the image:

  • First, you need to save the image on your desktop before embedding it into the email.
  • To download the badge, you need to click on the DOWNLOAD tab.
  • Now, you need to copy and save the URL on your desktop.
  • Also, save the URL of the ProAdvisor site where your badge is, and copy it.

Next Step:

For the final step, you must need a copy of the image and the URL from where you downloaded the badge. After keeping these two things you can directly go to your email(Gmail or Outlook) and perform the below steps and get the new signature.

  • Go to your email account, if you are using the Gmail account then go to the setting and look for the Signature on the right top corner, click on it.
  • Upload the image under the signature tab and now here you need to hyperlink the page from where you get the image.
  • Now, you are good to go to use the badge in the email signature.
  • Perform the same steps for other emails clients.

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