How To View The Public Version Of The QuickBooks ProAdvisor Profile?

how to view the public version

You have the option to customize and view the public version of the QuickBooks Proadvisor profile After a lot of hard work, you became a certified QuickBooks Proadvisor. Now, you need to get certified ProAdvisor badges and optimize and view the public version of your QuickBooks ProAdvisor profile.

We have written this article specifically to help you understand how to view your public ProAdvisor profile and utilize it. This link can be useful if you need to send one of your clients a direct link to your profile or if you would like to check how you rank within your area and visit the Find-a-ProAdvisor website.

How to Publish and Manage Your Find a ProAdvisor Profile

To do so, you must know how to publish and manage your Find-a-ProAdvisor profile.

Publish your profile:

  • Log in to QuickBooks Online Account.
  • Click the Profile Icon.
  • Analysis of your profile and fill in any removed information you wish to include. Identify to enter a real address or your profile will not display on the Find-a-ProAdvisor site.
  • Click the Include in search results switch to move it from OFF to ON.

After publishing your profile, you should collect the idea about the QuickBooks certification cost.


To print your profile, you must have either passed the QuickBooks Online entering exam within the past 366 days or passed one of the three most recent versions of the QuickBooks Desktop certification (Canada and the US only).

To access the Find-a-ProAdvisor website, choose the link for your region below:

Then search for your city or zip code. If your profile is set to display in search results, it will appear here.

NOTE: It may take as long as an hour for your profile to appear on this site after you first publish it.

To find a QuickBooks Proadvisor in your locality, you can also dial our QuickBooks support phone number +1-844-405-0904.

How to update the Find a ProAdvisor Profile?

Renew ProAdvisor Profile: Intuit has renewed the QuickBooks Online Account to add a new Profile icon in the dominant bar. You can preferable than to just about any location in QuickBooks Online Accountant. You can discover your profile the tired way by choosing ProAdvisor in the left menu, clicking the Profile label, and then clicking the Open my Profile button.

  • Here you can see different Performance sections such as:
    • Profile outline: It symbolizes how many times a dignitary has noticed your profile other than finding it via the Find a ProAdvisor website or through linking from QuickBooks Online.
    • Leads and Inquiries are based on the phone, website views, and direct form submissions.
    • Social link views track how many times someone has clicked on one of your social links from your profile. If you have your mouse over this metric then you should see a breakdown of the number of views per social link.
  • Profile strength and improving your profile are there to spur you to improve your profile. The more section you fill out, the “stronger” your profile is. The Improve section will point out actions that you can take to improve your profile.
  • Their involvement in the search results switch is important. If it is not green, your profile will not be shown in Find ProAdvisor searches.
  • If you have both a basic certification and an advanced certification in the same area you don’t need to show both of them show only the advanced certification.

How to edit your ProAdvisor Profile

To edit and update your ProAdvisor profile helps you to stand strongly among the other bookkeepers. For this, you need to follow the below steps.

  • Firstly you need to open the QuickBooks online accountant.
  • Next, you need to click on the profile icon that is next to settings ⚙.
  • Then choose Go to proadvisor profile.
  • Next, go through your profile.
  • You need to visit the ProAdvisor menu to view your current ProAdvisor tier, points, and certifications. This is different to your ProAdvisor account.
  • To update the information in any section you need to choose the Edit ✎ symbol and then choose Save.
  • Verify your company’s address again which helps in search result accuracy for your local clients.
  • Now you can view the appearance of your profile and how it will look on find a ProAdvisor website for this you need to select Preview.

How to enhance your ProAdvisor profile

If you improve your profile page then it helps you to have more visibility to the potential customers. If you want to get exposure to your profile then you need to follow the given steps:

  • Ensure that your current profile matches all the information in your
  • In both sections, you need to check the personalized message that helps to improve your profile and strengthen your profile section.
  • Monitoring the performance section helps to track the number of profile views, leads, and inquiries that are generated in the last 30 days.

Is it free to become a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and what are the Requirements to become a Quickbooks ProAdvisor?

If you want to become a QuickBooks ProAdvisor then you can get free access to training webinars, examinations, and study material from the QuickBooks Online Accountant account. Intuit conducts the examination free of cost consisting of 80 Questions. After passing the exam with at least an 80% score, you’ll be a QuickBooks certified ProAdvisor.

Pro-advisor profile guidelines

Here are some of the important guidelines that have general rules and conditions with common questions.

Why is my profile reviewed?

It is important to review the profile of the Pro-Advisor because it is necessary for the small business to get connect with the right pro-advisors who help you out. So review all the proadvisor’s profiles to verify and cross-check the available information as well as eligibility. So before publishing a profile on the website of ‘Find Advisor’ it is always reviewed.

Why do I need to provide a copy of my Id?

The government always issued an ID after cross-checking your address and verification so the government-issued I’d is trustworthy so it helps to verify and cross-check the information that is submitted in the database. After verification, it will be deleted automatically within 14 days.

What is the file size limit for the ID image?

Sometimes you may face an error message while uploading the image, it means that you are uploading the above-required size. It requires only the 1Mb size. So resize your Id image then resubmit it. But you should keep remembering that

  • The image is detailed enough to show facial features.
  • The picture is not clipped or obscured.
  • It’s up-to-date, legitimate, and hasn’t passed away.
  • It’s a PNG, JPG, or PDF form file.

You can hire our expert to quickly resolve the problem for you. Discuss your problem with them. Dial QuickBooks Online support number +1+1-844-405-0904.

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