How to Void or Refund Customer Payments in QuickBooks Point of Sale

Another question that arises, how to void or refund customer payments in QuickBooks Point of Sale?. Know about it from here, we will discuss everything in this article. To get solutions for all other queries, stay tuned with us. Be ready to know simple and easy steps that definitely work on the void or refund customer payments transaction in QuickBooks Point of Sale and to give customers credit.

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Do you want to adopt QuickBooks Payments services for your business? If you are working with QuickBooks Payments for accepting the customer payments only if you can take and process customer credit card payments in Intuit’s QuickBooks Point of Sale. Several times you have to void or refund customer payments, at that moment you must know the basic steps to do it easily discussed below. 

When Should I Void a Customer Payment

  • The Point of Sale transaction batch will start at 12:00 AM local time of every business day. If due to some avoiding or technical reason the payment transaction has not been batched, then you’ll be able to void the transaction. Must be aware of your processing times while checking out this, If you are capable of voiding the transaction earlier to the payment processing then a fee will be avoided.
  • If the payment transaction has been batched already then only you’ll give a refund to your customer. It is the mutual understanding of you and your customer how many services of refund you want to give or how much money your customer wants a refund(either refund the whole amount or either refund or specific products, goods, or fees). 

Note: Must remember, there is a fee for the refunded transactions. It is up to you, charge it additionally or deducts the fee amount from a refund of your customer.

How can I Void or Refund Customer Payments in QuickBooks Point of Sale?

Know the steps, will have to take to void or refund customer payments in QuickBooks point of sale. We have discussed both steps to void a customer payment and refund a customer payment and give them credit back separately. So let’s start with how to void a Payment transaction or customer payment then move further.

Void a Payment Transaction/ Customer Payment

To void a payment transaction or a customer payment, you have to go through the basic steps straight out below:

  • In the first step, Choose the Sales History icon by clicking on it, from the home screen
  • For which you are willing to void the payment, you need to choose the Sales receipt
  • Now click on the Reverse
  • If the payment transaction can still be voided, then a confirmation prompt will appear to you on your PC screen specifying it was successful. You will also see a new return receipt that balances the original sales receipt, to keep your books up to date, check this inside the Sales History.

Note: In order to keep your books updated, let your QuickBooks know about void or refund the unwanted customer payments.

Refund a Customer Payment or Give them Credit Back

QuickBooks allows you to refund a customer payment to a credit card account, give them credit back, credits their money in their future purchase. As we mentioned above QuickBooks Payments will do everything and take the right step for you with respect to refund a customer payment in QuickBooks Point of sale. Look at the below that ensures you how it can be done.

Refund Credit Cards and Cash Payments[Steps]

It enables you to refund an entire amount, a specific amount, refund specific items/service from a past purchase. 

  • Choose Point of Sale and then New Return Receipt by clicking on it on the QuickBooks Point of Sale homepage
  • Now browse and navigate for the customer name or the receipt number. After that, choose the correct sales receipt
  • Now manually add the return items to the refund receipt. For each line item just mention the quantity and then choose the Return Box by clicking on it.

Note: Always check out, you never use a negative number for the return quantity on the return receipt(it must be a positive number)

  • Choose Add Selected Items 
  • Now choose the payment method suitable for you: either go for credit or cash, get this option on the Sales Receipt Payment screen
  • Suppose you have chosen credit simply swipe the customer’s card or choose the manual to fill up the credit card information. Then click on the Authorize now 
  • Choose Save and Print to print a new receipt
  • In the end, you have to ask the customer to sign the merchant copy

Tip: Once the return receipt has been created, review crossing out returned items on the original receipt.

Give Customers Credit

Depending upon the mutual understanding of you and your customer, sometimes you prefer to give your customers credit instead of giving them a refund. So here we will come with some common steps through which you can do it. 

  • Firstly, choose the Make a Sale screen by scrolling up/down inside the QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • Now enter the name of the customer and then open their account. If the customer is new who doesn’t have previous records, at that time choose the Add Customer to create a new account for a particular customer
  • Choose the Account button
  • Now manually enter the refund amount as a negative number, do it inside the Charge Amount field
  • Hit the Save option. If a new customer doesn’t have a charge account right now, you are required to enter a Credit Limit for that particular one and move to choose Use Charge Account for that particular customer.

Note: Additionally, if you use QuickBooks Desktop to handle your account, Intuit’s QuickBooks will take care of creating a credit memo to balance your accounts automatically with no problems.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we processed frequently asked queries asked by QuickBooks users from our QuickBooks Support dedicated experts. Wizxpert expertise decides to come with this to provide you the right path so that you can troubleshoot your issue on the void or refund customer payments in QuickBooks Point of Sale manually. 

In case there is still something left in this article or you may face any issue while implementing the steps. Don’t worry just leave your comments in our commenting box, we will review your queries and then provide immediate replies to it.

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