QuickBooks Service or Inventory Item

QuickBooks Service or Inventory Item

Do you want to know how to add service or QuickBooks inventory items in QuickBooks pro? For any business person, it is necessary to create an inventory part as you purchase or build a product, and stock for future sale to your customer. Therefore, I am going to explain some easy and effective methods to add services and sales.

Overview- QuickBooks Service or Inventory

An Inventory Item is anything that your company sells, resells or buy within the course of business, like product, shipping charges and handling charges, discounts and excise duty (tax)(if applicable). It shows up as a line on an invoice or other sales forms. Assembly items combine inventory part and sub-assemblies into a single item.

Service: – A service you provide to a customer. You can create services that are charged by the job or by the hour.

Inventory: – A product you buy for the purpose of selling. If you haven’t enabled the inventory during the Easy Step Interview or if you have activated inventory on the Items & Inventory section in the Preferences then it isn’t available.

Adding service or inventory items in QuickBooks Pro

You can create service items in QuickBooks pro inside the Item List for the services you give. This helps you escape repeatedly writing a similar item information into sales forms for services you normally offer.

To  create your service items in QuickBooks Pro, do follow below steps:
  1. Open  “Item List” window.
  2. Click the “Item” button in the lower left corner of the “Item List” window.
  3. Select the “New” command from the pop-up menu.
  4. Adding – In the “New Item” window, select “Service” from the “Type” drop-down.

Then fields appear in the “New Item” window that are similar to the ones shown when creating “Inventory Part” items.

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Create and add services or inventory items in QuickBooks Pro

Let’s start to do step by step:

  1. Click on List tab from Menu bar.
  2. Click on Item list to open Item List window.
  3. To create service in QB pro, Click on the Item button in the lower left corner of the list window.
  4. From the pop-up menu, select the New option to open item window.
  5. Click on Service from the Type drop-down.
  6. Enter an item name in Item Name/Number.
  7. Check the Subitem of checkbox if you want to make this service as a sub-item of another service.
  8. Now, select the main service item under the category in which you want to add current item from the adjacent drop-down.
  9. In Description box, write a description of the service to display in invoices and sales receipts.
  10. Enter the Rate to provide the service.
  11. Select the Tax code for the service.
  12. Using the Account drop-down, select an income account for the sales of your service.
  13. Check the check-box “This service is used in assemblies or is performed by a subcontractor or partner” to change the available fields. This is done to apply the purchased services to customer invoices.
  14. Enter the purchasing information for the service into the fields of Purchase Information.
  15. Write the sales information for the service in Sales Information.
  16. Now, Service item will be created.
  17. Click OK button to save it into the Item list.

Now, you can add more services or items as more as you wish and simplify your business. For more help and support related to QuickBooks Pro, you can get in touch with our professional experts on QuickBooks Pro Support Number “+1 855 441 4417”.

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