QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Migration: Best Practices

Today’s here we will discuss the best practices, tips for QuickBooks Enterprise hosting migration. Be with us to know more in detail.

QuickBooks accounting package could be the only software in the business finance world whose demand never goes down. Since 2002, its demands have been increasing to assist businesses, firms, organizations, accounting departments in solving the QuickBooks Desktop big accounting complexities and clearing cloud-based accounting confusion and query.

Through the QuickBooks features and functionality, micro-to-small businesses from all over the world have now been able to smoothly and effectively carry out accounting and bookkeeping operations. Without a doubt, not only you are offered easy-to-use features and options to fruitfully manage your business financial data (in neatly created and designed charts and graphs) that includes management of cash flow statement, managing inventory, recording sales, revenue regularly, and so many things but here you also get 24 hours QuickBooks customer support by the team of certified professionals to get each of your queries solved and answered.

Every coin has two sides, and besides stunning features to carry out accounting tasks, QB Desktop also has some limitations.

Let’s look at it!

QuickBooks Desktop Limitations That Boost-Up Your Business Why To Adopt Cloud Hosting

Apart from QuickBooks accounting tool is equipped with the latest features and functionalities that come in basic to advanced pricing plans as per the needs of every business, it also can not be denied that Desktop version of QuickBooks that is installed on your local machine or PC, sometimes bring about unsatisfactory and troublesome experiences due to some kind of inabilities, restrictions, limitations, failures of hardware resources, sluggish speed, etc that can probably put your accounting task on hold and nobody knows for how long?

Therefore, to get rid of the incapabilities of the Desktop-based version of QuickBooks, it is suggested you move or host your business to a cloud-based QuickBooks platform. But you might be wondering how is QuickBooks Cloud hosting far better than QuickBooks Desktop? Well, In QuickBooks Desktop, you have to depend on one specific device or local machine on which you have set up and installed your QB Desktop. And what if your hard disk gets crashed or corrupted when there is no automatic backup facility available in the QuickBooks Desktop version? And who assures you of protecting your data or files that have been installed on your local machine? There could be some possibilities when your data or files could be corrupted and damaged before you take back up manually then what would you do?

While on the other hand, QuickBooks cloud hosting refers to the configuration or installing the QuickBooks Desktop version in the cloud hosting by the hosting provider where you can access your QB data and files from a remote location or any device anytime anywhere. Here your dependency on the local machine or specific device on which QuickBooks is installed is completely minimized. And you can use any device such as tablets, smartphones, PCs, etc to work on your business accounting information while collaborating and communicating with partners, workers, colleagues, team members, etc. Let’s look at some of the features of QB hosting to get a better understanding of how the cloud hosting works and what it offers.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Features

  • Security and protection of business financial data which ensure you that no unauthorized user or third party can access to confidential data
  • Here you can easily collaboration with your team members, workers, clients, partners to work on the same data or have some strong planning and strategies that will help to grow your business
  • 24 hours access to QB data anytime, anywhere and from any device
  • Here personal information or any other information related to business accounting that you do not want to be accessed or seen by any unauthorized user.
  • With QuickBooks Cloud Hosting platform, you do not have to set up any IT infrastructure which is quite big and complex. And you will easily be able to reduce IT Infrastructure and Cost
  • Here your all the data or information of QuickBooks Desktop, Backed up automatically with Backup and Disaster Recovery feature in the QuickBooks cloud hosting
  • QuickBooks Cloud hosting has greater Compatibility with Other applications, apps, plugins, addons as well so that you have all the features and functionalities to easily manage the overall processing of your business.
  • Updating the information on the business financial operation and upgrading all the latest features and latest options are done automatically by your QuickBooks Cloud Hosting provider
  • Multi-user accessibility to make business accounting productive and easygoing
  • Real-time change tracking
  • Easy file sharing with unlimited users
  • Flexibility and scalability with resources
  • Reduced local IT expenses
  • Seamless integration with add-ons

How QuickBooks Desktop Affect Your Business

If you run any small business and you have been fed up performing your accounting and business activities by just using a specific device on which your QuickBooks Desktop is installed and you find a lot of obstacles such as sluggishness of local machine on which QB is installed, the time-taken loading of QuickBooks Desktop into the main memory, damaging and corruption of files, lengthy steps of doing a manual backup, no functionality to take assistance from team members, encountering various error codes due to corruption and deletion of QB company files, etc, then it is the time you should think about QuickBooks hosted.

But before you search out which is the best QuickBooks hosting provider whose cloud hosting services can work best for your business, you need to consider some facts and a better understanding of how to shift on QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting without any trouble is much more significant. Below we have brought down some points which you should consider first before hiring someone for cloud hosting.

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Migration: Smart Tips

QuickBooks Enterprise with hosting solutions has become the well-known functionality that maintains your business from the comfort of your home and it makes businesses of every size and type to be more productive not for the business owner but also the customers’ satisfaction as well. 

Whether you are already using QuickBooks Enterprise on your desktop or local machine or you are thinking to purchase a cloud hosting due some failures and restrictions of QB Desktop, then considering the cloud solution for your business will offer you various advantages such as anytime-anywhere accessibility, authorized users can work on the same data in real-time, etc over the other traditional methods of using it.

As per some reports, In this cloud-based world, most of the businesses across the world now prefer the QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solution over QuickBooks desktop solution. Apart from restrictions and limitations, the QB Desktop solution by Intuit is quite costly and requires lots of maintenance, money. Surely, the desktop installation method brings lots of limitations in accessing the books. Therefore, there is nothing better than the QuickBooks Enterprise hosting migration for managing your business account books in the current era.

If you have made up your mind to host your business in the cloud hosting then there are some points which you must keep in the head while shifting to QuickBooks Enterprise hosting without any trouble. No doubt, the migration of business from desktop to cloud technology may be an easy and simple process, but here you need to make sure it turns out to be quick and seamless as well.

  1. Migrating QuickBooks Enterprise To Enterprise Cloud Hosting Will Surely Bring Some Changes To Your Existing Business

If you are going to transfer your business from Desktop-based Device to Cloud-based platform then definitely you will experience some sort of changes which you will think of quite pathetic and disturbing. What you have to do in this situation is just make yourself and your workers, employees, and clients already prepared for QuickBooks Enterprise cloud hosting the latest features and functionalities. It is also the time when you have to think about what kind of existing resources and services you need to remove after migrating your business to cloud-based technology so that you can easily be able to adapt yourself to a new platform in the cloud.

And yes, of course, it is true that you will get the same QB Enterprise desktop interface in the cloud hosting as well, but do not take it so easy at all. Because there will also be other features and functionalities on which you have to give training to not only yourself but it is quite important for workers and employees.

  1. Before Looking Out For The Best QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting Provider, Make Sure You Have Good Internet Speed

When you use any desktop application or you do accounting tasks on any QuickBooks Desktop versions, then there is no big deal if you do not have a good internet connection. In QuickBooks Desktop if you have slow and poor internet connectivity, then there are no big issues at all as here you can easily be able to send emails or do any other activities that can easily be done with a slow internet connection. But make sure you contact any reputed Internet Server Provider who can give a perfect internet speed and can understand your needs and requirements of your business so that your QB Enterprise can work well in the cloud hosting to give you fruitful and effective results. A good internet connection is required for perfect and to automatically update the latest features and options and files and information regularly to keep your business up-to-date.

  1. Be Clear With The Requirements Of Your Business – What You Need And What You Don’t Need

If you would like to have hosted QuickBooks or QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting to increase the productivity and accessibility of business, you must have to mention what kind of requirement or basic needs your business wants in front of your cloud solutions provider. You also have to explain in more detail What kind of virtual desktops you want which version or edition of QuickBooks Desktop you are thinking of using in the cloud hosting. In cloud hosting, you can use any of QuickBooks versions such as QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise QuickBooks and you should also tell which QB you want to use whether 2020 or 2019. 

And for how many users, workers, clients, employees you want to purchase the subscriptions? How many users do you think you will be adding in the next 12 months? Inform your QuickBooks cloud vendor regarding all such details well in advance for better understanding and for having quality services.

  1. It Is Not Important To Find Out Intuit Certified Hosting Provider But Look For The Best One

Choose a genuine and the best QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud hosting provider who understands very well how its hosting solutions can ease your process of migrating QB Desktop to the cloud. Do not make any haste when you choose a hosting provider and if you choose the bad cloud hosting services then it will turn out to be a big disaster for your business. And not only the time will be wasted but a huge investment can also be made. Just do some research on the internet regarding how many years of experience your hosting provider has, which industries and businesses have used that hosting services, etc. As every business has different needs and requirements according to the size and type.

Here you have major responsibilities and here you also hold accountability for managing and taking care of all the accounting and business finances crucial data of the business in a very well-organized and goal-oriented manner. So, would you take a risk by dealing with someone whom you do not know very well? After all, choosing someone to configure the QuickBooks Desktop version in the cloud is a matter of trust and future going business deals.

And no doubt, by using QuickBooks Desktop on your local machine, you must be a very skilled and experienced person who have spent years in tackling all the accounting complexities, but if you are thinking to make your desktop-established business go device-less by installing it in the cloud hosting then surely it will boost and upgrade your accounting skills to an extent level. But choosing the wrong QuickBooks Cloud Hosting provider who is not even sensible to understand your business needs, can put you in big risk ever you could be in.

If you still have any query regarding QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting migration, then feel free to reach us by dialling our toll-free +1-855-441-4417 and directly get connected with our Intuit Certified ProAdvisors and get instant solutions.

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