QuickBooks Desktop Pro For Two Users And User Management

When you purchase QuickBooks Desktop for a single user then you can log into a single company file at one time. If you want that two users can log into the same company file at the same time then purchase two users of QuickBooks Desktop Pro subscription.

After that, you will be free to use the software on as many computers as you require. Remember that it is not mandatory to purchase two users’ subscription plans while you and the other user will be working in two different files with no need for communication with each other.

Alternatively, you should work in the two separate company files, on your own computer since other user needs to install both on his/her desktop and laptop. They should ensure that they first make a copy file and then transfer it to the computer they desire to work on that day.

To access the file from the opposite computer, they can connect the computer from the network. If user two having their own Intuit account then you can generate their own user name and add them to your Intuit account by using our CAMPS website you can do this. Check out the CAMPS website and also view manage or update your Intuit account in CAMPs.

You can also add, edit and remove an authorized user in My Account (CAMPS). You also know about an Intuit user is different from a QuickBooks user. An Intuit user can is there to update billing, Intuit Data Protect (IDP), etc. Although QuickBooks user who signs in to the company file.

Intuit has updated QuickBooks Desktop products which are already applied and expanded security restrictions. The user management needs the administrator of QuickBooks Desktop files to either log into or secure Intuit accounts. QuickBooks recently updated these things:

  • When signing into the intuit account the admin users are now proficient to edit the user ID within QuickBooks Desktop.
  • For the secondary admin role that the admin users make a request for access (RFA).
  • Become to the part of the company flee Intuit account the users are now able to edit the user ID when signing in to the company file or into My Company.

QuickBooks Desktop security incorporated planned to improve all of these pre-existing changes or updates. QuickBooks Desktop company files and users become authorization for the following circumstances:

  • Using the admin credentials while an existing company file is opened, and no Intuit account linked with the file, the user of QuickBooks will be prompted to log in or make an Intuit account. 
  • Allow accessing the Company File when you create a new QuickBooks company file.
  • The users can follow the associated services: Tsheets time tracking, payments, Payroll direct deposit, Payroll workforce, Receipt management, mobile warehouse, and inventory services for QuickBooks enterprise solutions. Users requires many cloud-based associated services to Intuit accounts so that those services can be connected with a specific QuickBooks Desktop file. 

Make an Intuit account to be connected with the company file and sign into the QuickBooks company file administrator.

Company File Register With Intuit in QuickBooks Desktop

To continue the connection between the file and Intuit account, Company File Administrator will need to log into their Intuit account every 180 days. They are allocated the role of ‘Primary Admin’ within the Intuit Account User Management Interface when the Company file Administrator has been logged into their Intuit account. This interface is reachable either within the QuickBooks Company File under Company>Users>Intuit Account User Management or by logging into leading Intuit account user’s access and roles online.

Dashboard of Intuit Account User Management 

When you create a user then each and every user will be allocated a basic user. An invitation will be sent to the email when you add a user. Either log in to an existing Intuit account or generate a new Intuit account the user should require the credentials of the user. If you are using QuickBooks Pro/Premier or QuickBooks Enterprise then the roles and permissions are still configured utilizing the prior method. To manage Intuit Account users the Company File utilizes this same dashboard. By using the Delete option under the Action column of the Dashboard you removed employee depart of your service through your actual QuickBooks Company File use list and you also remove them through your Intuit account user status.

Wrap It Up!

We hope that you fully understand the above process of the QuickBooks Desktop Pro for two users and user management. If you still have any questions then contact our QuickBooks Support at Toll-Free number +1-844-405-0904. They will assist you as soon as possible.

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