Best Recommended Networks For QuickBooks to Run in 2022

Most of the QuickBooks users are confused about which type of network is better for them to run the software. You should always remember that QuickBooks software is optimized to be used on some particular networks including wired, hosted, and remote desktops. In this article, we will know the best-recommended networks for QuickBooks.

Many different types of networks are working for running QuickBooks. But all the networks do not work properly to run QuickBooks. This network is only for running QuickBooks. The non-recommended networks are not bad but they are not recommended to use for running QuickBooks. If you think you can get support from the experts then it’s wrong, as they can’t help you with that. So, you have to think yourself which is the better one for you. It’s recommended not to choose the network which has a low speed.

Now, let’s know, Which networks are recommended, and not recommended by Intuit:

Recommended Networks in QuickBooks:

Below is the list of some best-recommended networks for QuickBooks, have a look:

Local Area Networks (LAN):- LAN networks with 40 Mbps transfer speed(bandwidth)

Terminal Services:- Under terminal services, all the versions of QuickBooks can run. Intuit provides troubleshooting help only for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

Cloud Hosting:- In cloud hosting, third-party companies host your file which you access over the internet.

Networks that are not Recommended in QuickBooks:

Check the below-given list of not-recommended networks in QuickBooks;

Remate Area Network:- It provides remote users access using analog modems or Internet subscriber Digital Network connection from the host computers modem

FTP (File Transfer Protocol):- It copies the files from one location to another. It makes it easier to move files but not to open them.

Network Attached Storage (NAS):- It is a type of device connected to a network that provides only file storage for other devices on the network. It does not have the full computer functionality which QuickBooks requires.

Virtual servers and Virtual Machine:- In a virtual Network, Mac M1 will not work.

Virtual Private Network(VPN):- It will connect the computer over long distances using telephone lines and satellite communications.

Wide Area Network (WAN):- It will connect the computer over long distances using telephone lines and satellite communications.

Network TypesRecommended/ Not-Recommended
Remate Area Network Not-Recommended
Cloud Hosting Recommended
FTP Not-Recommended
NAS Not-Recommended
Terminal Services Recommended
VPN Not-Recommended
WAN Not-Recommended
Virtual servers and Virtual Machine Not-Recommended
Recommended & non-Recommended networks for QuickBooks

So these are some networks that are used in QuickBooks, and some of them are not used in QuickBooks. We hope this article will clear your all confusion regarding the supported networks in QuickBooks. We will suggest using the recommended network for QuickBooks. Hope the article is informative for you to choose the right one. Still, if you have any confusion regarding this topic then you can consult with our QuickBooks experts to clear your all confusion.   

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