How to run a payroll summary report

How to run a payroll summary report

The Payroll Summary report helps you to check the current pays for a month, half or full year to the government for tax on pays. In this report, the dates will draw up by paycheck dates only, not pay period dates.

The Payroll summary report is a fast way to see the payroll totals by an employee for a selected amount of your time. This report shows the payroll things with a subtotal for internet pay, and all the company payroll taxes are shown by the employee. The report has many features like employee wages, taxes, employee sick and vacation time, net pay, employer taxes and contributions. Amount credited during the period covered by the report shows by the employer taxes and contributions section of the report.

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What does a payroll summary report consist of :

In these types of reports , Gross pay indicates the commission and other bonuses. When we decrease any pre-tax  deductions like contribution by employee toward 401(k) plan the amount is called Adjusted Gross pay. Furthermore the Net pay is the amount which an employee received after taxes and all other after tax adjustments (like loan repayment and travel expense reimbursement)

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To Create a Payroll Summary Report:

  • In Reports Select > Employees & Payroll > Payroll Summary
  • Set a date range.
  • Select Refresh.
  • Remove the Hours and/or Rate columns-
    • Select Customize Report.
    • Clear the Hours and/or Rate check boxes, in the Display tab.
    • Select OK.
  • Under the Filters tab, you can also add pay periods.Create a Payroll Summary Report
  • Select Print > Report to print the Payroll Summary.Create a Payroll Summary Report

To run a report for a specific employee:

  • Select Employees to open the Employee Center/Centre, from home page.
  • Choose the employee you want to run the report, On the left side
  • Select the report you would like to run, in the upper right corner:
    •  Quick Report
    • Payroll Summary
    • Paid Time Off
    • Payroll Transaction Detail
  • Enter the dates you need.
  • If the change in the printer is important then you can change settings, then click Print.

To export a payroll summary report to Excel:

  • Click the Excel drop-down arrow, in the report.
  • Select Create New Worksheet or Update Existing Worksheet.
  • Click the Browse button to choose the workbook, if you select Update Existing Worksheet,
  • Select the Advanced button.
  • Clear the Space between columns check box.
  • Select OK.
  • Select Export.

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Hope with the help of these you can easily create and run Payroll Summary Report. If you have any query, you can ask to technical support team of WizXpert. Get connected with them by dialing QuickBooks Error support number 1855-441-4417.

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