Role Of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting: How It Helps In Business?

If you run any small, micro, mid-sized, or large business and have installed the QuickBooks Desktop version on your system, then you might have experienced that sometimes the desktop version of QuickBooks fails, That’s why it is time for you to know about QuickBooks cloud hosting through which you can give a new direction and standard to the overall activity from accounting to the bookkeeping of your business. So read all the details here we have provided in the article to know cloud hosting. For More Info, contact us at:+1-855-525-4247

To give your business the essential quality, efficiency, and flexibility that is required in this time of collaboration, better productivity, and 24×7 availability. But before you look out to the role of QuickBooks cloud hosting, let’s first understand in simple words what exactly QuickBooks cloud hosting is.

What Is QuickBooks Cloud Hosting?

To improve and upgrade the functioning and productivity of your business, you can store and install license copies of QuickBooks Desktop on the cloud server. This simply means when you convert the QuickBooks Desktop version into QuickBooks cloud hosting where all your business data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any device, anywhere. The QuickBooks cloud hosting allows businesses to perform various accounting operations in the cloud such as managing cash flow statements, managing sales, recording expenses or expenditures, tracking income or revenue, etc.

QuickBooks hosting can also be known as QuickBooks Cloud or Hosted QuickBooks which means the installation of the full QuickBooks Desktop version on the network server that is hosted by QuickBooks hosting service provider on the internet to enable access to the cloud QB account through a web browser from any location or any device.

Here you can simply put all the crucial data and files of your business in a Hosted QuickBooks that can be accessed by the user who you would like to work from anywhere, anytime, without installing it on a local machine. 

Why Choose QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Over QuickBooks Desktop?

One of the major factors for preferring QuickBooks cloud Hosting over QuickBooks Desktop(which is limited to only a specific device) is hassles-free and hurdle-less and no need to install, or upgrade software, and no need to think about the file transfer on the local system. Let’s suppose when you are going to upgrade your computer system that has QuickBooks installed, then you also have to think about QuickBooks files, data, and dozens of other desktop applications to make compatibility between the system and the application. Businesses that use QuickBooks hosting service, do not have to consider file transfer and software upgrades, as it is done specifically in the background under the supervision of your QuickBooks hosting provider.

The QuickBooks cloud hosting has made numerous things quite easy and better such as connecting, communicating, and collaborating with your workers, and employees to make data and work sharing effective and smooth. The process of sending QuickBooks files or data back and forth via email is eliminated without any error or file corruption. In this age of ‘cloud’ networking, you do not have to install QuickBooks in the local system anymore.

Top Features of QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting
QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Dedicated servers: QuickBooks Cloud Hosting gives dedicated servers which means that the server is possessed to meet the requirements of your business and is not shared by anyone else, It means more high-speed processes and gives a higher level of security.

Multi-user access: As the name suggests, the multi-user feature of QuickBooks Hosting enables multiple users to access files from the same company simultaneously in real time. This makes it easy for accounting processes and gives outcomes of better collaboration and better productivity.

Compatibility: QuickBooks Hosting allows great compatibility with a wide variety of devices and operating systems. You can run software using Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc., including laptops, PC, tablets, mobile, as well as OS.

Remote access: QuickBooks hosting enables remote access for authenticated users, which means accountants and bookkeepers can operate from anywhere. Therefore, businesses can use remote workers and contractors to assure that the operation of cost-efficient and fast buses.

Backup and disaster recovery: QuickBooks hosting providers ensure that your company’s data takes care of data backup and disaster recovery to keep your company’s data protected and recoverable in case of damage due to accidents, human error, or natural disasters. 

Role of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting? Why Does It Seems Ideal For Every Type Or Size Of Business?

1. The time has gone to wait for QuickBooks Desktop load from harddisk to primary memory – After all the speed is something that always matters most

QuickBooks Desktop stored in the cloud server is displayed much faster in your browser than it loads into the primary memory of the local desktop system. As per your business needs and requirements, you can add many of the users to work on your QuickBooks cloud application without lacking security, quality, and performance. To accomplish the perfect speed of QuickBooks cloud make sure you have good quality and fast internet connection on your device.

2. Availability of QuickBooks Accounting and financial data anytime, anywhere Access

QuickBooks hosting is a much better and more convenient way to work on business finance and accounting data from any location. Therefore, irrespective of the time zone and dependent on any specific device, you as well as your partners, workers, employees, and clients can efficiently work on the same QuickBooks file together from any device or any location.

3. QuickBooks cloud hosting allows you to backup all your necessary files and data 

If you continue to use QuickBooks Desktop what will you do if your local system crashes? Or do you corrupt your QuickBooks file? And how will you be able to back up all your QuickBooks data? In QuickBooks Desktop, there is no such option to backup the data, once your system crashes or when QuickBooks required desktop files are corrupted. On the other hand, the QuickBooks hosting service has several redundancies in place, along with regular and automated backups to ensure everything is working correctly.

4. QuickBooks Cloud hosting provider will handle all the queries or errors you encounter while working into QuickBooks Cloud –  Customer Support

Here you can experience some sort of errors or obstacles that will stop you from working smoothly while using QuickBooks. The problems can include various things such as you can encounter an error in the printer setup, there could be some malfunction in email configuration, permission controls, etc. that can further complicate the accounting work. QuickBooks hosting provider team of professional workers will take care of all the QuickBooks setup and maintenance work along with training and troubleshooting errors and the other issues or troubles you face with QuickBooks in the cloud hosting.

5. QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Integration with software, apps, add-ons, and plugins – to achieve proficiency in managing business finance operations 

For better functioning of QuickBooks accounting features, you are sometimes required to add some kind of functionality or addons and plugins to increase the productivity, quality, and efficiency of your business. Let’s get into it in detail for generating and managing bills or invoices you can integrate (BillQuick,, and Bill & Pay)billing apps, and for inventory purposes, you can integrate (ACCTivate, Fishbowl Inventory) with your QuickBooks cloud account, etc.

The integration of QuickBooks cloud hosting with various software addons and plugins allows businesses to work effectively and share data and files among authorized users. Through integration, you have all the features and functionality which is required for automatic data syncing and data sharing.

6. QuickBooks cloud hosting is closely tied with secure protocols over the internet to avoid unauthorized or illegal action

When you use QuickBooks Desktop on your local machine, then may be a possibility that your crucial and confidential data can be corrupted or lost if you do not use secure methods to protect your data such as anti-virus, anti-malware, password protection, firewalls, etc.

On the other hand, In QuickBooks cloud hosting all your business finance data is safe and protected with numerous security methods such as anti-virus, firewall, password protection, etc. The cloud hosting of QuickBooks also uses encryption security, access-control policies, and multiple redundancies in place. 

After knowing all the capabilities and effective nature of QuickBooks cloud hosting, which directs your business to work now in innovative ways to lead a goal and profit-oriented business life, so, why are you waiting for it? Let’s dig into the 10 best QuickBooks cloud hosting service providers and choose one for your business, as per need, requirement, the budget you have.

“Do Not Get Confused In Between QuickBooks Online Version And QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Service – As both are quite different to each other”

QuickBooks Online:- QuickBooks Online is the opposite version of QuickBooks Desktop and was made only for the online environment. It comes in different plans like a basic and higher plan which has a limit of 1 and up to 5 users respectively.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting:- On the other hand, QuickBooks cloud hosting is the conversion of entire QuickBooks Desktop Enterprises into cloud hosting. Here you have the QuickBooks Desktop version installed on your local machine and for cloud hosting, you will need to upload or install all the QuickBooks Desktop into the cloud hosting.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Service – Pros And Cons

As we know every coin has two sides one is the head and the other is the tail and they are opposite to each other and have no similarities at all. This is the same thing that applies to QuickBooks cloud hosting which we call advantages and disadvantages. 


  • You get a free trial to explore features and functionalities
  • QuickBooks cloud hosting services have quite affordable pricing
  • Reliable security and support
  • Custom solutions for specific industries


  • The limited number of hosting plans.
  • No information was provided about the control panel on the website

After reading this article, pretty sure you have a clear understanding of the role of QuickBooks cloud hosting in businesses and why it is so popular, so, if you have any queries related to the same topic then feel free to reach us by dialing our toll-free +1-855-525-4247 and get instant expert advice from our Intuit Certified ProAdvisors.

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