How do you print quarterly wage reports from QuickBooks Payroll?

How do you print quarterly wage reports from QuickBooks Payroll?

The Quarterly wage reports is a medium to discover the information that is required to know the state and local taxes. For example when on tap on the name of a tax the report will tell you the amount of tax per employee according to their SSN (Social Security number). To print your quarterly wage reports you just need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Steps to print your quarterly wage reports from QuickBooks.

  • Choose Employees in the section Payroll Center.
  • Click the File Forms tab.
  • Click on View/Print forms & W-2s.
  • Enter Payroll PIN then Click OK.
  • Click Filed Forms from the upper-left corner of the Payroll Tax Center window.
  • Select the forms you want to view or print.
  • At bottom of the list of filings, click Open/Save.

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The withholding account sums are the sums that you recorded to date for the worker’s government pay charges withheld and the representative’s Social Security and Medicare charges, so QuickBooks needs to twofold these figures to get the real Social Security and Medicare charges owed.

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