Intuit Education Program

Intuit Education Program is an initiative for learners as strategic media of enhancing their skills in accounting, tax, and entrepreneurship. weather you are a educators who want to tech or a student who want to learn QuickBooks or you want to become a QuickBooks bookkeeper, proadvisor or accountant, under Intuit education program they will provide free Intuit software for educators and students.

How to reach the Intuit Education Program?

You can find more details about Intuit Education Programme on their website or mail on [email protected]

What are other platforms available?

Intuit offer platforms like QuickBooks Online,* QuickBooks Desktop, and ProConnect, that help educators and learners in the US getting a convenient media for studying here on Intuit QuickBooks Education. All our platforms are both attractive and interactive.

What are the details of a license?

  • They will provide a 5 months license of getting access to their portal QuickBooks Accountant Desktop version. (2015, 2017 or 2018).
  • Also, the company will provide a non-expiring license for schools on their portal QuickBooks Accountant Desktop version 2015, 2017 or 2018.
  • But, there will be a restriction of access for schools licenses of not getting installed on students’ computers.

What is ProConnect Tax Online?

ProConnect Tax Online is a complimentary service to be given by Intuit as per QuickBooks subscription T&C. Get more details on

How will you get certified?

To getting certified on QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks learners will have to go through an online certification exam on Certiport.

What are the recognition and inclusions an institution will have after getting qualified?

  • An institution getting qualified for the Intuit Educational Program for QuickBooks will have faculties. Or staffs employed by an accredited primary or secondary school and public or private university or college, school district, or board of education.
  • Affiliated institutions as public or private, primary or secondary schools will provide full-time instruction for education communities of grades K-12, and to others like school districts for such schools.
  • Affiliated public or private universities or colleges (including community, junior, or vocational colleges) that grant degrees requiring not less than the equivalent of two years of full-time study. And it will be also be coming under-recognition of such institutions.
  • After getting affiliations of getting qualified through Certiport institutions can only use software for instructional purposes

All the statements mentioned above are the recognition for an institution certified on QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks through Certiport.

Who are we?

  • We are a community doing exceptional deeds not only in the field of education; but also in business, entrepreneurial and commercial sectors.
  • We are providing our users a media of getting a convenient, attractive and prominent way of learning. And also getting information about their commercial data in a very systematic way.
  • We are taking the opportunity to provide many services. Like educating yourselves, managing your data in a managed and systematic order.
  • Their software like QuickBooks is providing services for getting more closer to business, commercial data. And also their understanding in a very easy and compatible way. Therefore we provide support for you to feel a better experience for your accounting tasks with QuickBooks.
  • We are also doing great in helping learners and educators by educating them about the trending business modules and strategies.
  • We also help you to get certifications to the learners and educations with usable recognitions with the qualification of an examination to be done through Certiport.

I hope that now you will understand the benefits and the process for Intuit Education Program. if want more discussion on this topic or you have any other queries in your mind, feel free to contact our toll-free QuickBooks help number +1-855-441-4417 and talk to a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. We will provide help 24*7 anytime anywhere in all over the USA.

Thanks for visiting us. you can also visit our QuickBooks community in order to get help from other business owners.

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