QuickBooks Settings That are Available in QuickBooks online?

How many settings are available in QuickBooks

Do you know about QuickBooks Settings? how many Settings Available in QB Online? In this blog, we discuss the settings available in QuickBooks.

While using the online app of QuickBooks you want to access your company then you may not find the company settings tab in the app.

For that, you will have to check if you are not using the app. The Company settings tab under the account and settings section can only be accessed by the administrator.

Steps for How to Update Company Settings-

  • Go to the company settings menu on the home screen then click on the gear menu and below the column heading ‘settings’ click on the company settings tab.
  • To change contact information, select settings navigator then choose company bar, from the submenu having contact info click on the pencil icon to edit your contact info from the sub-menu detail, edit your company info.
  • Also, we can add a Customer address so that clients can reach you or send payments. To have more info about a particular field choose the question mark beside it, then choose to save option before proceeding further.
  • To edit sales from settings, select the sales bar option on the pencil icon from the ‘sales from content’ sub-menu. Edit and customize messages to the customer in the message section.
  • To change your expenses settings, choose expenses option from the settings navigator, then click on the ‘bills and ‘expenses’ sub-menu to edit.
  • To alter your payment settings, choose settings navigator from the top menu then select payment tab to edit your payment settings
  • For automation settings, click on the right of the automation submenu. We can also automate bill payments and much more to the customer’s invoices.
  • When you have done with your settings, click Save.

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QuickBooks Setting up of E-mail service in QB Desktop 

For Outlook

  • Firstly, create an outlook e-mail profile. If you already have an outlook profile then move to the next step.
  • Collect some information on how to setup Outlook 2007 and 2003 as your client.
  • Do setup of Outlook in QuickBooks.

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For WebMail

To Connect with secure webmail:
  • Go to the QuickBooks Edit menu, choose Preferences and then click send forms.
  • Choose webmail and click add.
  • Select any of the service providers from the drop-down option to enter an email address.
  • Make sure that the Use Enhanced Security checkbox is checked, click ok.
  • If prompted, then sign-in using your Intuit account. The username or email address that you may be used here may not be the same as the one which you are using to connect to the QuickBooks.
  • The webmail service provider’s login page will appear. Log in using your Intuit access.
To Connect with regular webmail:
  • Choose the QuickBooks Edit menu, select preferences and click send forms.
  • Choose webmail and click to add.
  • Now, fill the add email information and choose ok.
  • When done click ok.

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  • You will be asked to enter a webmail password by the QuickBooks Desktop for the first time you send an email using normal webmail.
  • If you already followed all these steps in this kB but QuickBooks Desktop is not accepting your password then QuickBooks will not accept my webmail password.
Instructions To Setup Quickbooks Online
  • To simplify the process for QuickBooks online, we have divided into different lessons which contain topics such as:
  • Preparing a good quality chart of accounts to have exact financial statements.
  • Preparing customers and vendors for exact sales and expense reporting.
  • Linking QuickBooks online with the bank card accounts for the record of all income and expenses.
  • To adjust QuickBooks online with your company information for creating a professional-looking sales form.

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Summary of what you will be learning in each lesson of QuickBooks settings

Chapter 1:

In this chapter you will teach how to set up the basic company information which includes an email address, website information, company name, logo and address then this information will be used on invoices, tax returns, and reports.

Chapter 2:

In this chapter, you will teach how to customize your sales forms by which they can look professional and gives the knowledge that a customer expects.

Chapter 3:

In this chapter, you will teach how to determine what type of information will be appearing on your sales forms set up customer payment terms, and learn how to include customer deposits and discounts on an invoice.

Chapter 4:

In this chapter, you will teach how to determine the level of detail which includes sales forms regarding products and services sold to the customer.

Chapter 5:

In this chapter, you will teach how to personalize email messages so that you send to your customers along with their invoices, sales receipts, and estimates.

Chapter 6:

In this chapter, you will teach the options that you have when sending statements to customers.

Chapter 7:

In this chapter, you will teach customization of QuickBooks to track your expenses which include setting up accounts payable creating purchase orders and billing customers for expenses incurred on their behalf.

Chapter 8:

In this chapter, you will teach taught on settings control for your financial reports, including your profit & loss statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

Chapter 9:

In this chapter, you will teach the connection of your bank account to QuickBooks so that the banking transactions automatically download into QuickBooks.

Chapter 10:

In this chapter, you teach the connection of your credit card to Quickbooks so that credit card transactions automatically download into QuickBooks.

Chapter 11:

In this chapter, you will teach how to add, edit and delete accounts from QuickBooks Online.

Chapter 12:

In this chapter, you will teach how to set up the products and services that you sell, including options for tracking inventory.

Chapter 13:

In this chapter, you will teach how to set up key fields of information for your customers.

Chapter 14:

In this chapter, you will teach how to set up key fields of information for your vendors.

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