5 Big Things Entrepreneurs Should Expect From Rockstar Bookkeepers

Starting your own business is a lonely journey, but you should have a bookkeeper to keep you company. It’s the one position everyone needs to fill fast. The consequences of messing up your finances could be disastrous.

Like any position, you shouldn’t fill it with the first bookkeeper you find. You want a rock star who will help build your business into a giant. Let’s look at some of the big things that will help someone stand out.

Things That Entrepreneurs Expect From Rock Star Bookkeepers

1. Knowing Your Industry

If you phoned for a landscaping insurance quote you would want the broker to know about the industry. It’s going to help you get the exact insurance you need, which could save your business if customers tried to sue you.

It’s no different when you want to hire a bookkeeper. If they’ve worked in the industry before, it’s even better. Choosing to let someone learn on the job is an option, but it’s a steep learning curve and mistakes will be made.

2. Continuing With Education

A great bookkeeper should be willing to continue with education, even if it means studying at night for extra qualifications. Once someone decides they know everything, it’s a sign they’ll be unwilling to change with the times.

Think about how many bookkeepers complained when software was introduced. Now we wouldn’t be able to live without it. When your business expands, it’s even more likely they’ll need additional tricks and techniques.

3. Willing To Commit To You

Do you have enough money to hire someone full-time when starting? You probably won’t need someone there all the time until you’re more established. The only option is to hire someone on a part-time basis for a while.

Make sure the bookkeeper you decide to hire is committed to you. If you’re just a second thought, it could lead to problems. Everyone should give you 100% of their focus during the hours they’re working for you.

4. Focusing On The Details

If you want to get insurance for small business Canada is a great country because policies are detailed. You’ll know every little thing about what your insurance covers. This attention to detail is why you’ll love it.

Bookkeepers need to focus on the little details. If you take care of the small things, big things will take care of themselves. Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean they don’t need to think about the bigger picture too.

5. Ability To Use Initiative

I’m sure a bookkeeper will come to you with questions, but you can’t look over their shoulder all the time. If you’re trying to grow your business, you’ll be far too busy. Bookkeepers must be able to use their initiative.

You’d be surprised how many people don’t, even if they’re skilled in their chosen field. If you had a building company, you would expect them to do proper job costing without asking, which would allow you to send out better quotes.

It’s Worth Taking Your Time

You’ll waste lots of time hiring and firing multiple bookkeepers, so take your time and get it right at the first attempt.

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