QuickBooks Desktop 2020 New Features & Improvements

QuickBooks Desktop 2020 comes with new features, which helps users to do work faster than ever before. It provides more flexible solutions to their problems.

The latest version of 2020 was released on 16 September 2019 with the latest features. The previous version of QuickBooks 2019 saw some improved features, Invoice track, Go to pay bills button, and improved IIF features, etc. Same as the latest version of QuickBooks 2020 has also new features, payroll process has improved, along with easy company file search and payment reminders among others.

There is the feature to turn on update automatically. This option helps you to update QuickBooks to the latest version automatically. If you want to update it manually, option update manually is also available, you can update it by your side whenever you want. You can take the help on how can you set up for Manually Updates.

Features added to QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant 2020 And Enterprise 20.0

1. Automated Payment Reminders

If your lots of time is wasted just because in managing accounts receivable, payment reminder automate, and identifying overdue and so much time is going in composing mail.

First, you have to create mailing lists and add customers to the list in the Manage Mailing List Option in the customer drop-down menu. Once the customer has been added to the mailing list, you can send payment reminders through Schedule Payments Reminder options. You can create emails to remind customers of their due payments. And it will automatically remind the customer when their payment time comes. 

Available In: QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, Accountant 2020, and Enterprise 20.0.

Accessibility: First go Menu bar, then select Customer > Payment Reminders.

  • Compose a reminder email template
  • Create customer-specific mailing lists, identifying late paying customer
  • Schedule an email distribution for a specific list of customers with overdue balances
  • Track reminder emails send separately from another email communications  

2. Add customer Purchase Order number to invoice emails:

There is a feature that you can add customer purchase order number in the subject of the email, to which you are attaching the invoice. It makes work easier for the customer, that customer can find the mail by its PO number, he doesn’t need to open each attachment. 

Available In: QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, Accountant 2020, and Enterprise 20.0

Accessibility: From the Menu bar, select Edit > Preferences > Send forms > company.

3. Combine multiple emails in one (Job, Vendor, Employees):

You can combine multiple emails in the forms. It provides better service to the customer because you can send multiple invoices in a single mail. This makes customers work easy that they don’t need to download multiple attachments. They will download one mail-in which all the invoices are attached.

Available In: QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, Accountant 2020, and Enterprise 20.0

Accessibility: First go to the Menu bar, Select File > Send Forms and select the box “ Combine forms to a recipient in one email”

Note: Currently this feature doesn’t work if using QuickBooks payments link on the invoice.

4. Company File Search:

This is the new feature being added. In which you can search or find your company name with the addition of a file search option in the No Company Open window. Finding more quickly and correct company names use the search bar will show a list of the key information related to the company.

The company file can be stored in your network drive, local storage, or removable disk like USB.

Available In: QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, Accountant 2020, and Enterprise 20.0

Accessibility: You can access this feature from the No Company Open window.

5. Easier Admin password reset:

Now it is very easy to reset the admin password. You don’t need to fill a long list of information to prove yourself. Just pick up your mail id from the list and you will get an OTP and enter that OTP to reset the password. 

  • On the company’s login window. Select I forgot my password.
  • Select your mail id from the drop-down list, then Next. You will receive an OTP through mail to reset your password. If any reason will are not getting your mail id from the drop-down list. Follow the instructions shown on the screen.
  • Enter the OTP you provided.

6. Easy payroll setup with employ (Self-setup):

QuickBooks Desktop 2020 make payroll setup easier. Now owners of the company call their employers to fill their personal information in QuickBooks. Next time when the new version will be updated they are also able to do their personal transactions and tax.

Available In: QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant 2020, and in Enterprise 20.0

Accessibility: Go to the Menu Bar. Then select Employees > Payroll Setup

7. Payroll status for direct deposit:

Business owners who are doing direct payment to their employees will be able to see the status of the transaction.

Available In: QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant 2020, and in Enterprise 20.0

Accessibility: Go to the Menu bar. Select Employees > View Payroll run Status.

8. Inventory cycle count:

Inventory cycle count add new management efficiencies depending on the amount of company inventory. The benefits of Cycle count it count the subset of inventory also. Cycle count does not focus on daily operations, it measures ongoing inventory operations.

Available In: QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 19.0 maintenance release R3 or newer, Gold, Silver, or Platinum subscription for using cycle counts with Microsoft Excel.

Accessibility: Go to the Menu bar, then select Inventory > Cycle count

Inventory Cycle Count work-flow summary with Advanced inventory. Using a mobile scanning device:

  • User can create a cycle count by selecting inventory items
  • The selected items are sent to the connected mobile device in the warehouse
  • The warehouse user counts and scans or manually added quantity on the mobile device. The counted quantities are sent wirelessly back to the Enterprise file for each item
  • The Enterprise user selected which counted items to add to the automatically populated inventory adjustment transaction. Enterprise user approves the details and saves the record
  • The enterprise user marks the cycle count as closed.

9. Collapse columns in reports:

There are two buttons one to collapse Rows and another one for collapse or extent Columns.  

Available In: QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, Accountant 2020, and Enterprise 20.0

Accessibility: From a displayed report containing multiple columns, select the Collapse Columns button on the top right of the displayed multi-column report. Choose minus or plus for if you want to expand or collapse that specific set of columns.  

10. Smart Help:

You can get online support in QuickBooks. 

Available In: QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, Accountant 2017 or newer and Enterprise 17.0 or in newer.

Accessibility: Open QuickBooks File, select the F1 key on a window keyboard or from the menu bar, select Help > QuickBooks Desktop Help.

11. Improvisation in QuickBooks Version Upgradation:

There are so many improvisations in the up-gradation of QuickBooks version. Now it becomes so simple to upgrade your software.

Available In: QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier 2017 and in newer, also available in Pro and Premier Plus 2017 and Enterprise 17.0. But QuickBooks offered automatically when its new release come.

Accessibility: In QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier 2017 or newer, go to the Menu bar, then select Help > Upgrade QuickBooks

Some other features in QuickBooks Enterprise 20.0

1. Express Pick-Pack:

To save time in Sales Order Worksheet Fulfillment process. It makes work easier and one same person can do the pick-pack process. So, the complete process of Express Pick-Pack comes in a single task.  

Available In: QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 20.0 with advanced inventory (Platinum Subscription)

Accessibility: Go to the File menu, then select Edit > preferences > items & Inventory > Company Preferences > Advanced Inventory Settings > Site Operations > then select Enable Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet

2. Landed cost:

The landed cost feature shows the clarity in the actual cost of the product by factoring in freight, duties, insurance, and other miscellaneous costs. All the additional costs are added to the cost of the inventory, so when you margin them the result will be correct. 

Available In: QuickBooks Desktop Enterprises 20.0 with Advanced Inventory (Platinum subscription)

Accessibility: To set up the landed cost: 

From the File menu. Select Edit > Preferences > Items & Inventory > Company Preferences > Advanced Inventory Settings >  then you will get Landed Cost tab.

In Landed Cost setup required to create an Other Current Asset Type Account and connect/map to this account with another charge item types to which you use for freight, shipping, and for other related land costs. 

  • In the Enterprise, user need to setup Landed cost in Advanced Inventory Preferences, by this feature customer get a new account Current Asset Account. Then the Enterprise user selects another charge items used to the record freight, duties, import fees and set up automatically changes the currently assigned expense account in the item record default to with newly created Other current asset account.
  • After that bills are entered for freight, duties, import fees,

3. Alternate vendor:

This feature helps you to manage contact and cost data related vendor. As it helps you to make more informed purchase decisions. You can also create the purchase order with vendor information which is already included in it. But be careful while selecting the vendor, choose the right vendor in QuickBooks Enterprise Solution.

Available In: QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 20.0 in Platinum subscription only. 

Accessibility: From the Menu bar, select Vendor center and click Items tab

New features added for QuickBooks Pro for Mac 2020

1. Modernized Reporting:

The facility provided by Modernized Reporting is to improve usability, presentation, navigation, and customization. Benefits of it create customized reports very easily and there is an option to enable real-time report updates that show changes automatically.

2. Dark Mode:

This feature works on the Mojave operating system. It allows a customized view mode in QuickBooks Mac

3. Improved Company Snapshot:

This feature centralized dashboard for making it more visible. It offers customizable data ranges, layout and widgets. It helps you to see your most critical data. 

4. Invoice e-Payments:

It makes the payment process more easy and time-consuming. There are many options to do online payments through ACH, credit card, or e-check invoice payment. 

5. Bounced check processing:

This feature helps to handle bounced checks with very ease. And you don’t have the loss of extra money, which you have to pay your accountant to clear the bounced check.

6. iPhone scanner:

You can save time and money both using an iPhone camera to upload text searchable images. You can also easily scan the documents using an iPhone scanner. 

That’s all in this post. Hope it helps. If you need any help you can dial our toll-free number 855 441 4417 for further support & guidance.

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