Online Proctoring: Automate Your Course of The Examination

As everyone knows the case with a lot of conventional things, proctoring, as well is going through a significant transition due to technological developments. Proctoring with the help of online means becoming mainstream. Companies are increasingly taking up online proctoring in comparison to other traditional types of proctoring for the purpose of the recruitment process because it has got a number of draws.

The service helps the concerned enterprise to get the desired people in staff who cannot readily understand the desired tasks but also perform it according to the required parameters of the company.

Online proctoring described

Online proctoring, akin to offline proctoring or as your conventional invigilation, makes a sort of service that vouches for the integrity of the examination administered distantly by scrutinizing through a webcam, the activities of any contender at the time of the test.

To utilize an online proctored exam to be important for the recruitment drive, you are needed at first to pick an online proctoring services provider who is befitting for your needs. You must remember some essential points that can make your decision easy.

Indicate the areas on which you desire to assess the contender and also the level of the contender’s skill demanded by the position. It assists in comprehending the way the proctoring functions whether it happens to be manual or with the help of a webcam are the activities of the contender being recorded. Make it certain that the service provider you go for provides solutions both to the elimination of cheating and monitor the validity of the contender.

Need for companies to go for online proctoring measurement

With distant measurements becoming very common, organizations can gauge and take in talent regardless of geographical barriers. Nevertheless, unless and until these measurements via online mode are proctored by a dependable proctor, you cannot be sure that the contender who showed an outstanding performance in the examination happens to be the similar one who got selected or hired.

Therefore, it is vital to validate the authenticity of the contender who sits in the test for appraisal, and on this occasion, online proctoring is very much useful. With a number of strict security methods observed, these tools vouchsafe for the integrity relating to the measurement process is upheld.

Future of the online proctoring

While people happen to be obviously in the dark at the time of thinking what the future may disclose, you will be quite clear that online measurements will be inevitable for the process of recruitment, giving impetus to the necessity for the online proctoring.

With its dependable safety facets like facial movement analysis, facial recognition, and keyboard, online proctoring will be highly useful and inescapable in upholding the genuineness of the test conducted.

Nevertheless, a rapid search on the web may confuse with the presence of not –so – famed blogs that offer tips and ways to deceive these proctors. But such solutions need too many laboriously intricate set-ups that any hardcore cheater cannot afford to go through the process. Moreover, because it draws outnumber its pitfalls; it will not take too much time when online proctoring will be similar to online recruitment.  

Working off an online proctored test

When companies administer the online proctoring test, the contenders sitting in the exam are needed to download the software application over their device desktop or laptop which shall be utilized for the purpose. As the contender starts the test, the application measures her, or his webcam or computer plus a lockdown mechanism is utilized to keep the contender for opening any other web browser.

The contender will be needed to validate her or his identity by making use of any one of the methods that shall be needed by the application.

As the exam commences, you will come across three modes in which you can utilize the online proctoring that is

  • Live proctoring
  • Recorded proctoring
  • Advanced automated proctoring

Live online proctoring

Within this kind of proctoring, a trained proctor scrutinizes the contender at the time of taking the test via video & audio feeds. These proctors happen to be proficient or trained to make definite the identity of the contender. And also search for red flags like facial movement or suspicious eye or the detection of some unconfirmed device. It can signify cheating.

If doubtful situation crops up, the proctor is in the capacity to close down the examination. Or let know the organization about the prohibited activity. This type of proctoring permits the proctor to scrutinize as a minimum of 16 to 32 contenders simultaneously. Both the proctor and the contender can be present at any place until they are connected to the internet.

Nevertheless, you come across only one drawback of this sort of proctoring. That can be it is reliant on the presence of the proctor on stipulated time and date. It tends to be costly because it requires human involvement. Similar to offline proctoring and hence cannot be taken to be scalable.      

Recorded proctoring

Dissimilar to live online mode of proctoring, just like the name signifies. A recorded proctoring simply records the contenders and their activities at the time of taking the test. The recorded video is then again played by a proctor with immense rapidity to check it for any doubtful conduct or anything at the time of the examination.

This kind of proctoring involves a draw that it needs no schedule. Because the contender can sit in the examination any time she or he thinks convenient. But it as well needs human involvement for reviewing the video; it is costlier and hard to scale.

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Advanced automated proctoring

Just as the name indicates, it is the highly advanced kind of proctoring. And It needs no manual intervention of any sort. This kind of proctoring records the contender along with his or her activities while scrutinizing the feed for red flags. What so ever that may point to any malpractice utilizing advanced video and audio analytics. It is very inexpensive as opposed to other types of proctoring for the companies.

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