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NSBroker-Forex Broker is a Maltese-based investment company that provides its services to a wide expanse of markets ranging from English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Malta Financial Services Authority, also known as the MFSA, regulates the company alongside other local licensing agencies such as MiFID, the FSA, and BaFin.

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NSBroker - Forex Broker

Resources found vital to countries all over the world are exchanged through the NSBroker. They allow traders to exchange items of utmost importance such as gold, silver, crude oil, Forex, indices, and CFDs from country to country.

NSBroker prides itself on its user-friendly website with all of its key features displayed and easy to locate.


NSBroker has three trading accounts with a clear view of their individual features when clicking on the account tab. At the most basic level, is the Standard MT4 account with an initial deposit of $300. With this account, you have the ability to trade a minimum of 0.01 lots, with leverage of 1:200.

For an initial deposit of $3,000, you receive the benefits of the Professional ECN Account. With this package comes a minimum trade of 0.10 and your maximum leverage being 1:100.

If you intend on exchanging large quantities between buyers, the VIP account is the best bang for your buck. The initial deposit for a VIP account is $50,000 but this account type gives you far more variability with spreads.

All of these accounts are compatible with trading and selling on mobile for convenient business. There are more than 50 currencies available for transfers, making it extremely easy to do business across countries. Of course, each trading account comes with its own personal benefits.

Features of Forex Broker

With the power of NSBroker, sellers can make large transactions on expensive goods go smoothly between clients. Other companies themselves such as the NASDAQ, FTSE, and DAX have found even the most competitive trading conditions to be quick and convenient with NSBroker.

NSBROKER has specialized trading tools that make processing easy with thorough and precise work. Both fundamental and technical analysis pages are updated daily on the company site, ranging from topics like Fibonacci Retracement, Oscillators, Ichimoku Cloud, and more.

The personal dashboard is available on MyNSBroker, that provides your clients with all the right tools to make communicating and working with you easy. All NSBroker clients are able to access their own individual portfolio at any time on nsbroker.com.

One of the perks with NSBroker is its ability to connect, inspire, and create laughter, even in a workplace environment. The website has a section entitled, the Traders Advice, which features quotes from influential speakers, business related humour, and polls and quizzes to get accurate results on what changes can be made for a more effective workplace. For informational purposes, there are videos offered and quizzes to assess the knowledge of the employee.


Any good company offers updated training for clients and employees abroad. Right from the beginning was the NSBroker Webinars, designed to educate those taking their first steps into forex training. These online courses come in the form of videos, educating people on different aspects and testing them along the way. The courses themselves are self-paced and free for all members.

If by chance, just staring at a computer doesn’t help you learn, one-on-one training is offered with a specific trading consultant in that specialized area. People who prefer material that they can physically touch are able to purchase textual guides on the basics of Forex training. The NSBroker e-book is also an available resource to all buyers and sellers.

The market changes constantly, on an hour to hour basis. NSBroker has an up-to-date, streaming newsfeed that issues the market analysis and highlights important economic events going on in all parts of the world.

Business and Promotions

With a $5,000 initial deposit of a trading account, users are permitted to have a new iPad complete with all of the updated features.

Cash prizes are available every so often with the opening of a demo account. A 15% deposit bonus was previously offered as an incentive to open a new trading account.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Money is deposited into NS Broker accounts via credit card, wire transfers, and Skrill.

Money is withdrawn by filling out a withdrawal request on the given tab name.

There are no fees when withdrawing money, and all funds will be processed within 1 business day. 

Customer Support

The NSBroker website is the first place to go when in need of any assistance. Their website is translated into English, Espanol, Italiano, Portuguese, Francais, and Deutch.

NSBroker representatives are reachable at any international location.

Email support and personalized messaging is offered on business hours:

Sunday 21:00 GMT- Friday 22:00 GMT

The Personal Message

NSBroker devotes itself to offering professional and high-end technology that makes transparent trading possible. Through innovative training, tools available at your disposal, and a team that is happy to serve you, NSBroker is a powerhouse in the trade market.

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