How much does QuickBooks payroll cost per year?

How much does QuickBooks payroll cost per year?

This is an ideal charge for QuickBooks Payroll, Unlike Online Payroll. Quickbooks payroll cost per year has recently changed.

From 1st August 2017, new pricing policy will be applicable to both QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll and Quickbooks Desktop payroll.

Prices According To New Pricing Policy.

Desktop Payroll service From New
Annual Monthly Annual Monthly
Basic Payroll 1-3 employees $197.00 $20.00 $215.00 $21.50
Basic Payroll 4+ employees $309.00 $31.00 $335.00 $33.50
Standard Payroll $625.00 N/A $670.00 N/A
Enhanced Payroll 1-3 employees $434.00 $43.00 $465.00 $46.50
Enhanced Payroll 4+ employees $565.00 $57.00 $610.00 $61.00
Enhanced Payroll for Accountant $545.00 $54.00 $575.00 $57.50

 Note: Prices listed above does not include discounts and promotions that can vary.  Additional charges varies according to the clients. You are requested to contact the professional before making your final decision to purchase.

Price Exclusions:

  • Pricing will not change for the ProAdvisors who bought Enhanced Payroll for Accountant in their package for Delux or Premium Pro Advisor membership.
  • Existing or new customers of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll who were charged a base plus per-employee fee are excluded from this new pricing policy.

If you need support regarding this topic or any other topic related to QuickBooks. We request you to talk to our payroll support team, for more details Dial 1-855-441-4417