How To Access QuickBooks Database?

How To Access QuickBooks Database?

Here in this blog, we will discuss How to access QuickBooks Database?

For access the QuickBooks database you following some conditions or steps:-

  • Firstly open the computer then download and install QuickBooks.
  • Then creating a table in Microsoft access is a product many users. And it will allow you to use your QuickBooks data files in the same session as access database.
  • Selecting the option File —> New
  • Select Blank database then click OK.
  • A default database file name db 1 appear in the box. Then you can edit and given the more relevant name.For e.g:-QB link.mdb.
  • Save the file as type:-“Microsoft Access Database”
  • Click on “Create”.After then Click the “NEW” Button.
  • Select link table clicks “OL”.
  • Change the “first of type” list to the setting for “ODBC database”.
  •  Then select the QuickBooks related database service name(Customer) you set up with the QODBC driver. This can one of we our pre-installed database service names or one that you have created.
  • Select one or more QuickBooks tables to add you Microsoft access project and click “OK”.
    So follow these some steps and access the QuickBooks Enterprise data.In this grid, you can modify records, delete records and add new records to your QuickBooks table.You can also build the entry forms and queries now that your QuickBooks files are connected live to you Microsoft Access Application.
    I hope you find this article useful. If you want any information regarding this article or other articles, then you can call on QuickBooks Tech support phone number+1-855-441-4417 for more information.

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