How Advanced Are the Security Features in QuickBooks 2018?

How Advanced Are the Security Features in QuickBooks 2018?

How Advanced Are the Security Features in QuickBooks 2018?

Intuit Just launched the updated and most powerful QuickBooks 2018.

Earlier, we have in-detail discussed top new features and release date of QuickBooks Desktop 2018.

To give you the most exhaustive insights, in this and other upcoming blog posts. We will one-by-one discuss different features and aspects of QuickBooks Desktop 2018 and QuickBooks hosting.

Security and reliability of QuickBooks have always been the big focus for Intuit. Intuit gives its best to keep you away from all type of adversities which make financial data, financial reporting. And management vulnerable to security threats.

In this blog post, let’s try to find how advanced are the security features in QuickBooks Desktop 2018. In brief, we will also discuss if these new features provide you with enough reasons to migrate to QuickBooks Desktop 2018.

Let’s start.

Intuit is making an overall change in the way webmails integrate and work with QuickBooks. This change will enhance the security and reliability of QuickBooks.

Prior to QuickBooks 2018, QuickBooks integration relied on Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to send and track emails. However, this was not recommended by maximum webmail providers.

For example, in case you use Gmail with prior versions of QuickBooks. Then SMTP can decrease the security of Gmail, which is not good for your business.

When you may have tried to connect earlier versions of QuickBooks with Gmail. Then Google may have denied access or blocked QuickBooks from integrating with Gmail.

However, the enhanced security feature of QuickBooks Desktop 2018 will use OAuth 2.0 for connecting and integrating with webmail applications.

Many of the webmail providers, except Yahoo, prefers OAuth 2.0, which makes integration and accessibility of emails on QuickBooks simple, secure and reliable.

Enhanced Security with Add-on Apps

  • If you are already using QuickBooks Desktop for managing financial activities of your business. Then you may be relying on several add-on applications.
  • Add-on applications such as Projector, Smart Services and more. Enhance the overall utility of QuickBooks and also gives all the additional features that are not available with QuickBooks.
  • There are, however, few add-on applications that may steal or alter data in your QuickBooks. Due to this threat, you should only download add-ons recommended by Intuit
  • Intuit has been working on making integration of add-ons secure and reliable.
  • The advanced security feature of QuickBooks 2018 tries to solve the mistrust that you have with add-on applications.
  • In QuickBooks 2018, if you use add-on applications in an unattended mode. Then these applications will ask for prior permission from Admin User for accessing your QuickBooks data and PII information.
  • You can now authorize only such add-on applications which are totally reliable and secure. And by doing so the overall security of QuickBooks and your financial data enhances by manifold.

The Way Forward

The well-advanced security features of QuickBooks 2018 make QuickBooks safe, secure and more reliable. If you wish to enhance the security of your financial data, then you should definitely upgrade to QuickBooks 2018.

If you want to update from QuickBooks Enterprise or Desktop 2017 or earlier versions to QuickBooks 2018, feel free to call us now. You can also contact us and explore best solutions for hosting QuickBooks in Cloud to benefit from the power and flexibility offered by cloud technology.

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