windows 10, QB Pro 2014?

    How upgrade the window 10 to QuickBooks pro 2014?

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      I have been running QuickBooks Pro 2014 with absolutely no problems on our computer Windows 10 Pro for the past three months. I was even running it on our computer system preview builds with no problems. but Today I saw a message on Computer screen from Quickbooks stating that 2014 was no compatible and I should upgrade Window 10 of our Computer system. Window 10 must upgrade the QuickBooks Pro 2014. So, you just need to upgrade and then QuickBooks pro work properly. Good new it will work perfectly with the window 10.

      Some important step in QuickBooks Pro:

      1. Control panel and
      2. Open remove add program and
      3. Go to the installed update check the box for internet explorer Quickbooks Pro Computer will apply change and restart run QuickBooks and Enjoy.

      For more information contact the Quickbooks customer support services.

      Answered on June 26, 2017.
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