Will QB allow customizing of financial statements?

    how to solve the QuickBooks allow customizing of financial statements?

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      QuickBooks Payroll Provide the a set of default customized report to let you track and analyze specific financial data. The default report suit your needs. You can customize an existing report and save it to the icon bar for future access. Description or add to an already configured custom report.


      1:- Select a category and choose the report you want to customize.

      2:- Style and size, Click “OK” and Click “Yes” to apply the font to all report elements.

      3:- The text area and typing the new information. Select “Left,” “Right,” “Centered” or     “Standard” from the Layout list. Click “OK.”


      4:- Determine the data available in your report.


      5:- Click “Customize Report” and select the “Fonts & Numbers” tab. Select an option for how you to want to Show Negative Numbers section, and the Show All Numbers section. Click “OK.”


      6:- Click the “Dates” drop-down menu and select the date range to restrict the time period for your report. Click “OK.”


      7:-  “Memorize” and enter a title for the report. Select “Save in Memorized Report Group” and choose a group to save the report to an already established memorized group. Click “OK.”

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      Answered on September 7, 2017.
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