Why QuickBooks help not working?

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      Whenever the users of QuickBooks got stuck in any issue of QuickBooks you can contact to QuickBooks help if you are unable to open Quickbooks help then the causes can be-

      • You are not connected to the internet.
      • Something is wrong with your QuickBooks installation
      • Some files are maybe damaged
      • You are using an unsupported version of QuickBooks.

      You can perform some basic troubleshooting steps to avoid browsing issues.

      The first step you should consider is to clear the cache.

      • Go to the browser toolbar and click on more menu.
      • Select settings.
      • Click on the history from the left menu.
      • Click on clear browsing data.
      • Select the browsing history checkbox in the dialog box that appears.
      • From the drop-down, select the beginning of time to clear your entire browsing history.
      • Select only the cached images and files and leave everything else unchecked.
      • Click on clear browsing data.
      Answered on July 10, 2019.
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