Why is QuickBooks used in such a different way by tax preparers versus a QuickBooks user doing bookkeeping ?

    hello sir what should i do. how can i used.

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      QuickBooks will prevent right smart time and energy at tax time by sanctioning you to come up with correct end-of-year reports on your business financial gain, profit and loss, liabilities and a lot of. If you’d rather have knowledgeable lookout of everything for you, QuickBooks provides the way for you to arrange a duplicate of your information designed only for the businessperson. If you are doing need to arrange your own tax returns, though, QuickBooks saves the info into a format simply foreign into Intuit’s Turbo Tax package.

      1. Launch QuickBooks on the computer. Click “Reports,” “Profit
      2. Click “Reports” on the toolbar, and then select “Accountant & Taxes.” Choose “Last Tax Year” in the

      Create Accountants Copy of Books
      1. Launch QuickBooks, and so click “File” on the menu bar. choose “Accounts Copy,” and so click “Save File.”

      2. choose the “Accountants Copy” possibility, and so click “Next.” choose the Last Judgement of the tax year within the “Dividing Date” management box and click on “Next.”

      3. Click the “Save In” drop-down list, and so navigate to the folder wherever you wish to save lots of the controller copy of the QuickBooks backup. blood type descriptive file name for the QuickBooks come in the “File Name” field. Click the “Save” button to save lots of the accountant’s copy of the file.

      4. Copy the accountant’s copy of the your company QuickBooks record to associate degree external disk drive or flash drive, and so offer the device to your controller or accountant. instead, email the accountant’s copy of the file to your tax preparer. For more information visit our Our Quickbooks Error support.

      Answered on July 13, 2017.
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