What’s the Basic Troubleshooting with QuickBooks for Mac

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      In this answer What’s the Basic Troubleshooting with QuickBooks for Mac If you have a company file of any size, QuickBooks for Mac is handling a lot of data. If you don’t see the data you expect or in the way you expect it, it can be a scary thing. But with a little troubleshooting, you can soon be back to the way things were.

      • Check your version of QuickBooks for Mac and your Mac’s operating system:

       Have you recently upgraded your Mac OS? That change alone can cause an older version of QuickBooks to behave differently. When you modernize your operating system, you should do the same with QuickBooks. If updating QuickBooks doesn’t fix the wonky behavior, it means version compatibility isn’t the issue.

      • If you still not resolved the problem in the sample company file, try checking your disk permissions:

       Often, simply repairing disk permissions can make things right again.

      1. Open Disk Utility (Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility).
      2. Select your Mac’s hard drive and click the Repair Disk Permissions
      • Delete the QuickBooks user-level preference file

      Go to your user account on the Mac, open the Preferences folder inside the Library folder, locate the QuickBooks for Mac plist file, and trash it. (You might be to reset some preferences the next time you launch QuickBooks.)

      If repairing permissions and deleting the plist file doesn’t help, a corrupted user account on your Mac could be the culprit. Create a new user account, and then open QuickBooks while still logged into that new account. Open your company file and use it. If the behavior problems are gone (particularly those not related to list and report accuracy), this might indicate that your regular Mac user account is corrupted. (Solving that problem is a job for a Mac expert.) If the sample company file behaves properly, you could still try repairing permissions and deleting the preference file.’

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      Answered on September 23, 2017.
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