What is the Error H101, H202, H303, or H505 when the opening of your company file.

so plz help me provide the answer

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    What is the Error H101, H202, H303, or H505 when the opening of your company file.

    There are several recommended solutions to resolve these errors. The first solution may solve the problem or you may need to try them all to resolve the issue. For best results, perform the solutions in the order shown.

    QuickBooks company error H101, H202, H303, or H505, this is the most common error which mostly happens when you are trying to access company files which are located on another computer and you would be getting this error.

    The causes of QuickBooks errors (QuickBooks problems) H101, H202, H303, and H505 are:

    • Hosting configuration settings are wrong.
    • A firewall is blocking communication in or out.
    • Damaged or wrong ND file.
    • QuickBooks cannot get the IP address of the company file host system.

    To fix QuickBooks error code H101, H202, H303, and H505: 

    Solution 1: By utilize QuickBooks file doctor

    First, you have to download the QuickBooks file doctor and run this on the server. Its clears up the all H-series and multiple user error code. After this still, you are facing this error then follow the next solution.

    Solution 2: By verify hosting with services

    1. First, verify the hosting,
    2. And then verify the services.

    Solution 3: Interact with configuration firewall

    Solution 4: Add or include your server to the windows host file

    In this solution, edit the windows hosts file.

    Solution 5: For organization file develop a latest folder and share it by permitting access to organization files

    • First, make a new folder and share it and set windows to get an approach to allow to share organization files at the hosting system.
    • To the new folder copy the .qbw file.
    • In multi-user mode open up your company files.


    for additional details: https://www.wizxpert.com/quickbooks-error-codes-h101-h202-h303-h505/



    Answered on August 17, 2017.
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      QuickBooks Error H202

      The QuickBooks is bookkeeping programming which has propelled highlights to manage organization information in a sorted out way. The QuickBooks programming is giving single and additionally multi-client access and it relies on your license version of QuickBooks. Underneath you can check every one of the points of interest of QuickBooks Error H202.

      The QuickBooks clients have certain features implanted inside it. The QuickBooks is accessible in various adaptations and releases. One of the regular mistakes looked by QuickBooks clients is QuickBooks Error H202.This blunder happens when the specific PC needs extra establishment setup bolster. QuickBooks Error H202 happens because of security parameters or harmed documents where QB organization record is found that framework needs extra arrangement setup.

      What is QuickBooks Error H202?

      QuickBooks Error H202 happens when you are attempting to work with an association record that is arranged on another PC, and this copy of QuickBooks can’t accomplish the server on that PC.

      QuickBooks Error H202 additionally happens clients are attempting to work with an organization document that is arranged on another PC, and that PC needs additional establishment and setup. Before we will examine answers for settle QuickBooks Error H202.

      What are the reasons for QuickBooks Error H202?

      There might be various reasons for this QuickBooks Error H202. A portion of the causes are given beneath:

      1. QuickBooks can’t get the IP address of the structure or server encouraging the association record.
      2. Workstations are orchestrated to open the record through the hosts’ Fully Qualified Domain Name
      3. The QuickBooks DBXX advantage isn’t started
      4. The record is arranged in none nearby presented server, for instance, Virtual Machine (VMWare, VirtualBox, Microsoft Virtual Server..etc)
      5. QBDataServiceuserXX assents don’t have READ/Write approval and did not set to “Fuse Inheritable approvals from the articles parent”
      6. Hosting course of action settings are erroneous
      7. The firewall is blocking drawing nearer or dynamic correspondence to the association archive.
      8. The .nd record is hurt or off base.
      9. Did not check QuickBooks records envelope with QuickBooks Database server on the server.


      How to fix QuickBooks Error H202?

      There may be numerous solutions of this QuickBooks Error H202. Some of the solutions are given below:

      Solution 1: Create a new folder for your company file

      1. On the host, you have to Create a new shared folder
      2. Copy the .qbw file To the new folder
      3. Rescan the folder your company file is in again
      4. Try opening your company file. And check whether error still exists or not

      Solution 2: Add your server to the Windows hosts file

      1. On the workstation, Open the Windows hosts file, where you see the error.
      2. Place the insertion point, After the last IP address listed and type the server’s IP address.
      3. Press the TAB key on the keyboard once, and enter the server name.
      4. From the File menu,. Click on Save,
      5. From the same menu, click on Exit,
      6. Try opening your company file. And If the error still persists, follow the next solution.


      Solution 3: Set access permissions for QuickBooks services

      1. Make sure that the QBDataServiceUserXX is a Windows administrator account
      2. For QBDataServiceUserXX, Set the required access permissions
      3. Now try to open your QuickBooks company file.
      4. on the QuickBooks service, You have to Check startup options and restart it.
        1. Click the Windows Start button:
        2. Windows 7 or Windows Vista:
          enter MSC, In the Search field, and press Enter on keyboards
        3. Windows XP:
          Click Run and in the Run field type MSC and click on OK.
        4. In the list, you have to Right-click QuickBooksDBXX and select properties.
        5. You need to Change the Startup type to Automatic.
        6. In the service status section, select Stop button,
        7. Click the Start button, In the same section
        8. You have to Re-scan the folder your company file is in again

      Solution 4: Download and use the Network Diagnostic Tool on the host

      1. You have to Download and install the tool.
      2. Scan the folder your data file is in.
      3. You have to note down the of IP addresses and Network Interfaces.
      4. You have to Click the button to enable those ports for QuickBooks If the Firewall Status section has an Open Ports
      5. there is no Open Port button, You can open the ports manually in the next step, If
      6. Test for data file connectivity
      7. In the Test connectivity section, click the Browse button next to Company File
      8. Navigate to the location of your data file and choose it.
      9. Click on the Test Connectivity
      10. Note down the File Open Status and Advanced Status.
      11. Now Try opening your company data file and If you still see the error, try the next solution.

      Solution 5: Test network connectivity

      1. On all workstations, Turn hosting off
      2. You have to Open QuickBooks and choose File and click on Utilities
      3. This computer is not hosting the company file, If you see Host Multi-User Access on the list, and you can go to the next computer.
      4. at your workstation, If you see Host Multi_User Access, Don’t change anything
      5. Select that option, If you see Stop Hosting Multi-User Access,
        1.  To confirm, Click on Yes
        2. click Yes, In the Company File Must Be Closed window
      6. Restart this computer while you repeat this process at the next workstation and check whether the error still persists or not

      The above-discussed solutions will doubtlessly help the clients in settling the QuickBooks Error H202. We have said six answers for settle QuickBooks Error H202. The clients need to take after every one of these arrangements one by one until the point when the best arrangements match and settle their issue.

      Sometimes it happens that above-mentioned troubleshooting does not fix QuickBooks Error H202 because of some equipment issue. For this situation, you have to contact QuickBooks support team


      Answered on March 1, 2018.
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