What is the Chart of Accounts feature in QuickBooks Desktop 2018?

How to work in the Chart of Accounts feature in QuickBooks 2018. Help and give the Suitable Answer this Question?

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QuickBooks 2018 Desktop has a brand new feature that gives you the ability to search by part or all of an account name or number.
For accountants, bookkeepers, and ProAdvisors, the Chart of Accounts is one of the most important lists in QuickBooks.
Many clients set-up their Chart of Accounts using the defaults that QuickBooks installs when a new Company file is created. Sometimes it becomes necessary to either add “account numbers” or change the nomenclature for accounts from those that have been used – and this can be confusing.

Believe it or not, there has never actually been a way of searching the Chart of Accounts list, despite the fact this is one of the most critical lists in QuickBooks. Different naming and numbering scenarios meant you had to manually search for an account by scrolling up and down many times to find an account when it wasn’t where you were expecting it to be.
Now we can search for accounts using any portion of the account name or number using the new Search box at the top left of the Chart of Accounts list.

To access this functionality:-

1:- Go to Lists, and the Chart of Accounts
2:- Search using the Search box at the left top of the Char of Accounts list
3:- Enter any portion of an account name or number
4:- Click the blue Search button.

For Additional information, see: https://www.wizxpert.com/chart-of-accounts-quickbooks-2018-desktop/

Answered on September 20, 2017.
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