What is Quickbooks error code H505?

Almost every existing software has some error. Today I am facing this  Quickbooks error code. And i cant do any work with that, please help me for abort this.

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 Quick Books Error Code H505 is the categorized as the Problem with Multi-user hosting set up. The general consequence of this error is when you are trying to access your company file on other systems at the same time and that system lacks certain installation setup. This ends up with error H 505.

Causes for Quick Books Error Code H505

    • When you try to access the company file that is placed on other computers, and the QuickBooks software fails to reach the server causes the error H202.
    • QuickBooks installed in the system server name is set up to allow all the shared connections to the company file, but the QuickBooks software is unable to communicate causing error H202.
    • When you are attempting to open your company file placed on another computer, that requires additional installation and setup for successful approach causes errors H101, H303, and H505

Intuit QuickBooks Error Code H505 Encounter

    • Your system may have firewall security software that may block access to the computer where the company file is located.
    • The QuickBooks software fails to obtain the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer where the company file is located
    • the ND file is damaged
    • The hosting configuration setting is not correct.

Resolutions for the QuickBooks Error Support Code H505

1# Create Exception Settings for Firewall

    • Click Start -> Control Panel.
    • Click Control Panel -> search Firewall Settings.
    • Click on Firewall Settings -> Allow a Program through the Firewall.
    • Click Add Program -> add Quick Books 20xx to the exception list.
    • Then restart your computer to ensure changes are applied correctly.

2# Analyze QuickBooks Hosting Settings

    • Open Quick Books application on both the computers configured as multi-user.
    • Click File -> on Utilities ->Stop Hosting MultiUser Configuration
    • Turn on Hosting by File in one computer -> Utilities -> Host MultiUser Configuration.
    • Restart both the QuickBooks once again


Answered on May 31, 2017.
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