What are the benefits of QuickBooks Payments? How to setup and use it?

please help me so that I can handle my bank account’s transaction easily and fast .

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    QuickBooks Payments is integrated in QuickBooks and includes GoPayment using the Quoted rates and Invoicing for no additional fees. Intuit GoPayment is an application which makes debit card and credit card payments quick and easy. It accepts card payments with a simple Intuit mobile card reader for IPhone and android phone users.

    To know more about Gopayment, read : Intuit Quickbooks GoPayment.

    Using this Payment app, you can manage all your transactions or payments fast and easy. You can get more benefits as:

    • Easily make instant online or mobile payments.
    • Email invoices with a Pay Now link.
    • Get paid anywhere, anytime 2 times faster.
    • Accept transaction through all debit card and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express).
    • Payments deposited in 2-3 days.
    • Track all the invoices easily.
    • Safe, secure and risk-free.

    Set up QuickBooks Payments

    For getting this benefits, you need to set up QuickBooks Payments using some simple steps as below:

    • Click on the Gear icon thenclick on Company Settings.
    • Go to Payments option in the left navigation bar.
    • Select a Payment plan that best works for you and then click on learn more.
    • Enter your business informationincluding your bank account information where you want your customers’ payments to be deposited.
    • Enter the information about yourself for your verification for using QuickBooks Payments.
    • Select the bank accountwhich you want to use to record the deposit in QuickBooks.
    • Click on Save. This entered bank account is a routing number for earlier.
    • To create your invoices,
      • Click the Plus(+) Signicon and then go to Invoices
      • Note: Make sure to select the types of payments you’ll accept. Then send to email the invoice to your customer.
    • To receive payments , click on the Plus(+) Signicon then go to Receive Payment
      • After selecting payment date and payment method, click on “Enter credit card details.”
      • Enter your customer’s credit card detail or swipe their card using card reader for your tablet or phone.
    • To create sales receipt for customers pays,
    • Click on the Plus(+) Signicon and Sales Receipt.
    • Select Credit Card as the payment method.
    • To set up auto-payments, click on the Gear icon then go to Recurring Transactions option.
    • To track your transactions, click on Transactions on the Navigation bar then click on Sales.

    Hope this answer will be helpful for you. If you have any query or need more help, you can contact to the experts through the QuickBooks Online support phone number 1 (855) 441 4417 which is toll free and globally available for any type of help you want.

    Answered on August 10, 2017.
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