Why I am Unable to Export from QB to QBOE

    MY export from QB pro 2013 to QBOE did not work. I followed all the steps and updates. Please HELP. I have a back up file and I cannot figure out how to upload that onto QBOE either. also, the Import data from desktop QB (vendors and customers) did not import either. what should I do to get my data onto the new QBOE from my desktop QB pro 2013?

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      Hi, Denial!

      I wonder if perhaps something may have gone wrong during the import process, as it usually doesn’t take the full 24 hours anyway! Even though you never received an email, did you happen to sign into your QuickBooks Online company to see if it imported anyway? Sometimes our emails do get blocked.

      If the data didn’t get brought in at all, we might want to try re-importing the data to get that information into your books. We can try again by opening your company file in your QuickBooks Pro 2013 and navigating to Company > Export Company File to QuickBooks Online. We’ll have to click “Continue” a couple times, and then enter your QuickBooks Online sign in information.

      In a few moments, you’ll get a screen that says that you should wait for an email. Once you get to that point, I’d like you to sign out of QuickBooks Online if you were signed in, and then attempt to sign in again. You should get a message that you’re locked out. As long as we get that message, it’s a sign that the import is working!

      You might want to try signing in again after about an hour or two, regardless if you got an email from us. Most companies finish importing in about that time frame. Let me know how this works out for you, or if you’re having any more issues!

      Answered on August 9, 2017.
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