QuickBooks Unable to Switch to Multi-user Mode?


    I’m unable to switch QuickBooks to multi-user mode, getting an error message. How to resolve it?

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      QuickBooks is set up for multi-user use but sometimes, when you decided to switch multi-user mode from a single mode you get an error(H202). QuickBooks Error H202 is one of the most occurring QuickBooks error. In this error, the message is either not received or passed on to the server of the other system. The reason behind of the error(H202) is when you are trying to work with a company file that is located on another computer, and this copy of QuickBooks cannot reach the server on that computer.

      The Cause of this error

        • QuickBooks can’t get the IP address of the system.
        • Antivirus software is not giving access to the system where the company file is saved.
        • A firewall is blocking communication both in or out.
        • Hosting configuration settings are wrong.

      If you have these QuickBooks errors, you usually fix the errors by following the below steps.

      Before resolving it, you make sure about some things that are, if QuickBooks or QB data server manager is not installed then firstly installed it. Install the same version of server manager as the version of QuickBooks you are going to use.

      How to Fix this Error

      Step 1

      If you want to fix this error, firstly you need to set hosting to local files by following these steps-

      * First, open QuickBooks then Press F2 to open the product information screen.

      * After opening, in the lower left, below the local server information, Hosting should be local files only.

      Step 2

      After set hosting, you will need to restart the QuickBooks Database server manager:

        1. Click on window start button and select run.
        2. After this, enter services.msc in the open field.
        3. Right-click, select start and close the window.
        4. Display extensions for known file types.
        5. Right click on start button and select explore.
        6. Select tool menu and folder.
        7. Click on the view tab, clear the hide extensions.
        8. Click on the view tab, select show hidden files.
        9. Close the window explorer.

      Step 3 

      After the restart, Delete the.ND file

         * Search.ND file

         * Right click on file and select Delete.

      Once the.ND file deleted, recreate them.ND file.

      * Click on start button

      * Select all programs>QuickBooks>QuickBooks database server manager

      * Click on scan folder

      * Click on add folder button, then browse the company folder

      * Select company file and click on OK

      * Click scan, after the scan is complete, close the tab

      Step 4 

      In step 4, make sure that client systems are not trying to host the company file and hosting should display off. If hosting is not OFF, switch hosting modes:

      * Login QuickBooks as administrator

      * Select file menu>Utilities>Stop Hosting Multi-user access

      * Click Yes for QB close the company file and reopen.

      * Press F2 for information

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      Answered on May 29, 2017.
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