QuickBooks point of sale release 7 and EMV chip reading capability?

    QuickBooks point of sale released 6 of the point of sale version12 use.


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      It has made available release 6 Of point of sale version 12. Among the bug fixes is the new ability to read EMV chips if you use QuickBooks services.I install the update and my ipp 350 still does not read EMV chips.  I was able to get an answer as to why and through I would share to save other the time.I have spent getting to the bottom of this. This technique is the support that owners of ipp350s purchased from intuit will be receiving a replacement unit with updated firmware to enable EMV capability sometime in the next couple of weeks. Quickbooks Point of sale Toll Free Number 855-441-4417 

      Answered on August 10, 2017.
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