Find the QuickBooks Error Code -6147, 0: What are the Problem with the QuickBooks Data File?

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      Mostly users using QB Accounting pro 2009, and suddenly QB won’t open either of my company files. The error message says “this isn’t a QuickBooks information file” with error codes: (-6147,0). I purchase error code 1334 once I attempt to repair or setup QB. I am considering upgrading to 2017 pro, however I even have two concerns:


        • am i able to enter payroll manually in QB 2017 while not subscribing to a payroll service?


        • If I still cannot open my company files when upgrading, can I receive support from Intuit?



      QuickBooks Desktop returns the following error when you try to host multi-user access for your company data file:


      An error occurred once QuickBooks tried to access the corporate file. Please attempt once more. If the matter persists, contact intuit Technical Support and supply them with the subsequent error code:

      Here’s how,


        • Close QB and right click on its Icon


        • Select Run As Administrator and open the company file once more



      I’d be glad to assist. you may see this error if:


        • Your company file is broken.


        • Your try to restore a backup (*.QBB extension) from a network drive.


        • Your computer file name (including the path) exceeds the limit of 210 characters.



      Error code -6147,0 is typically caused once your company file is broken, you’re attempting to revive a backup from a network drive, or your computer file name exceeds the limit of 210 characters. To resolve this error, you’ll verify this article:


      If you already upgraded to the most recent version, and you are still having problems with gap your company files, able to decision our phone agents and that they are going to be able to assist you to know more we provide a QuickBooks Error Support Phone Number +1-855-441-4417 for help.


      Problem with the QuickBooks Data File : –

      The intuit information behind QuickBooks is kind of competent in handling pressures and growing demands. However, like all different databases, it’s susceptible to issues each currently then. During this guide, we’ve tried to compile everything there’s to understand concerning the subject – causes of the QuickBooks company file corruption, however you’ll know about it, a way to stop it from happening, a way to fix it through free also as professional tools.

      Step 1: Run the Rebuild Utility


        1. From the File menu, click Utilities > Rebuild Data.


        1. Click OK if you receive a prompt to backup your company file.


        1. Your computer may display the message QuickBooks is not responding.


        1. Click OK



      Step 2: Run the Verify Utility

        1. From the File menu, click Utilities > Verify Data.


        1. Click OK


        1. If Verify finds an issue with your data, you will be prompted to Rebuild Now.

       Read here about Quickbooks Support Number it will helps you 

      Answered on July 31, 2017.
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        Follow the given method:

        Solution 1: Diagnose the Window the System Errors

        Always do a full scan after updating the definition of antivirus software.

        • Immediately scan your system to identify and fix bugs.
        • Upgrade antivirus program.
        • Run the full scan after activation of antivirus software.

        Note: If you are not able to run or update antivirus software, there is a possibility of having the virus. You should get customer support from an IT professional to resolve this issue.

        • If antivirus software recognizes no virus then copy your company file to another system and open it.
        • Repair Windows installation on the computer, if your company file successfully open on another computer.
        • If the QuickBooks company file shows same error with single QuickBooks company file then your company file is damaged. Now, try solution 2.

        Solution 2: Perform the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

        • Install and Run the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.
        • If there is no issue identify in your Company file, but the problem persists, you should try the Solution 3.

        For Additional information read:

        Answered on March 19, 2018.
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          Troubleshoot your QuickBooks
          This problem is usually caused by one or more of the following:
          The file should be in multi-user mode to access over the network.
          Should be appropriate permission on file or folder location.
          Firewall settings that prevent QuickBooks Desktop files from accessing the necessary ports
          Multiple QuickBooks Database Services running on the computer
          The damaged data file or program files of QuickBooks Desktop
          Name of the computer hosting the file was changed while hosting was on
          McAfee Privacy Service is installed with the Block Web Bugs filter option selected (this filter conflicts with QuickBooks
          Restoring a backup directly from a flash drive or other removable storage device
          Damaged company file
          Damaged Windows user
          (To move the file another (Desktop or any folder) location make sure file should not be in use via any user over the network)
          Answered on April 20, 2018.
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