QuickBooks 2018 Desktop: What is New?

What is the new in the Quickbooks Desktop 2018?


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It’s time for the new release of QuickBooks Desktop 2018. Intuit has lifted its embargo, so now we can talk about what’s new. Over the next few days, Insightful Accountant is posting a series of articles on these new, enhanced and improved features.
Traditionally, Intuit has had a focus within each new QuickBooks Desktop product release that either was intended to provide features for general users, features for accountant users, features for Enterprise users, or in some cases major technical changes.
This year, it seems there are changes for everyone.
According to Intuit, the two most warmly received changes measured during trial testing are the new Multi-monitor Support feature and the security change associated, which allows users to “Remain Logged-in.”
Without further ado, here’s a list of what’s new:-
1:- Multi-monitor Support
2:- Remain Logged-in
3:- Search Chart-of-Accounts
4:- Cash/Accrual Toggle on reports
5:- Past Due Stamp on Invoices
6:- Enhanced Inventory Reports (customize columns)
7:- Webmail Users: Secure Webmail
8:- Payroll Users: Payroll Liability Reminder
9:- Accountant Users: Merge Multiple Vendors
10:- Enterprise Advanced Inventory Users: Sales Order Fulfillment Enhancements and Portable Scanner Option (and more) for Order Fulfillment
11:- Enhanced Security and Behind-the-scenes Improvements

Multi-monitor support:- makes it easy to move a QuickBooks window to a different monitor than the monitor where QuickBooks was resident. It also means that pop-up windows associated with the working window will appear on the correct monitor. That means no more having to track down pop-up messages hidden behind an un-associated window.
QuickBooks 2018 Desktop versions allow you to elect to Remain Logged-in to QuickBooks. That means you don’t have to log-in every time you open or switch Company files. This is an optional preference, so in my feature article, I’ll address “the good, bad and the ugly” safety and security aspects of this new preference.
Ever have a hard time tracking down that account you know exists, but you just can find it in your COA? The reason is QuickBooks has never had a search feature within the Chart of Accounts list. But new for 2018 is the Chart-of-Accounts Search-box, which allows you to search by part or all of an Account Name or Number. If you want to more information then Contact the QuickBooks Tech Support phone Number +1-855-441-4417. and get the help Quickly.

Answered on September 20, 2017.
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