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Projects help you organize an all the pieces that make up a project, including transactions, time, and running reports so you always know how your project’s doing it will help you.

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There are a couple of methods to turn on Projects which you are doing:

  • Through the Gear Menu you will get an help which are as follows:
    1. Click on the Gear, then Quick Books Labs are given (under Settings on the desktop)
    2. On Projects, click to turn on you will get help.
  • You can also view a video demonstration here on clicking Projects tracking in labs
  • Through the Customer menu
  1. On the left Navigation bar, click Invoicing or Sales (depending on your setup) then Customers by clicking on that.
  2.  On Clicking the link below the money bar that says “Need project tracking? . You will get help.
  3. This will take you to Labs to turn on Projects for performing the task.
  4. On Projects, click to turn on you will try to open that
  5. Once turned on, click Add your first Project then it will be added.
  6. Enter your Project Name first, the customer who will receive the Invoice/Sales Receipt/Estimate (similar to Parent Customer )then an any notes related to the Project will get added.

After you click Projects in Labs, you will see Projects in the left navigation bar and you will get help from it .

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Answered on August 9, 2017.
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