Issue with converting inventory data from QuickBooks Online to Enterprise?

    how to convert the data from Quickbooks Online to Enterprise. give the suitable answer

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      This is the QuickBooks users Community, contact the QuickBooks Support team for QuickBooks Online Directly. But QuickBooks Expert to desktop you are on your own.
      Print out the P&L, balance sheet, QB Inventory summary, And sales tax liability as a minimum, Compare the QuickBooks Online reports to the same report Computer desktop After you have a QuickBooks Enterprise Software desktop company file. They must watch, if not you have to find the and correct the problem of the QuickBooks Inventory system. Check your listing of service items to see if there are duplicates of inventory items listed there too – that also happens sometimes.

      Payroll, if you had it, did not come over to desktop as payroll entries but as normal checks.

      You need to print from QBO, P&L, balance sheet, sales tax liability, customer and vendor balance details, inventory valuation summary at the minimum. Print the same ones from desktop and they must match, you will have to find and fix whatever is a mismatch.


      Answered on June 26, 2017.
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