Is QuickBooks Desktop Dead?

What are the Means is Quickbooks Dead?

Asked on September 20, 2017 in Checking.
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For several years now people have convinced themselves that there is no future for this product, in spite of public statements from Intuit that there will always be a desktop QuickBooks product. Let’s take a look at the current state of QuickBooks on the desktop, where I think it is headed, and why I don’t see it going away in the near future.
For the sake of discussion here I’m going to refer to “QuickBooks desktop,” but that actually is a composite of three separate products: QuickBooks Pro/Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, and QuickBooks for Mac. I’ll make some specific predictions on each of these individually.

Why Do People Think It Is Going Away?

If you went to the QuickBooks website, it was almost impossible to find even a reference to the desktop product! I’ve also had people come up to me who said that they had “talked to Intuit CEO Brad Smith and he says he has a five-year plan to discontinue the product” (something I’ve never heard from him myself).
1:- Working in the Cloud:- you can access through the Internet it in various ways, but those all have some significant costs and limitations.
2:- Mobile technology:- It is difficult to connect this easily with mobile devices. Intuit dropped their own mobile integrated product some time ago.
3:- Data collection:- This is a cornerstone of Intuit’s plans for technology advances, but QuickBooks desktop data is not easily accessible to Intuit.
4:- One-person businesses and contract workers:- QuickBooks desktop is not the easiest product to work with. I know that Intuit has said for years now that anyone can run their business with QuickBooks, but we all know it isn’t all that easy for many people to work with, without a lot of help. Hey, that is why people like me are in business!
5:- Globalization:- QuickBooks desktop is limited to the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom. And I seriously doubt that it will ever be available in any other country-specific version.
QuickBooks for Mac:– Looking at QuickBooks for Mac, I think it is very telling that there was no QuickBooks for Mac 2017 product. The current version is QuickBooks for Mac 2016.It also is important to note that there is no external programming interface for the Mac product, so there cannot be any third-party products developed for QuickBooks for Mac.

QuickBooks Pro/Premier:- I lump these two products together, although there are significant differences between them. QuickBooks Pro is much more like QuickBooks Online as far as features, and particularly as to the target business type. Usually, when people make the case for why the desktop product is so much better than the online product, they are referring to features found in QuickBooks Premier.

QuickBooks Enterprise:- when Intuit rolled out the 2017 desktop products, I was very surprised to see that there were no new features that were introduced in QuickBooks Enterprise. What did that mean? Was Enterprise being abandoned? Then I was surprised to hear that all of the Enterprise development engineers that I knew had either moved over to the QuickBooks Online team or left the company.

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Answered on September 20, 2017.
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