is QuickBooks best for my business if yes then which Edition I CHOOSE?

    I want to know about Accounting software. I heard that QuickBooks is very good for small business. but I heard also that, there are many versions of QuickBooks. I just want to know which one is best for me.

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      I can say QuickBooks is one of the most favored accounting software, it brings outstanding editions for its users for business purpose.  In present time it is widely used in accounting software package in the world.According to your need, you can choose the software, if you have any doubt about the software which you want to use,  then choose the software that supports the features you need and buy the next version only if your current software isn’t getting the job done.

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      for many users, the decision to choose QuickBooks is an easy one, but make a selection of right edition of accounting software of QB to use can quickly become more:  visit


      Answered on December 2, 2017.
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