How to Use QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool?

    To treat QuickBooks errors and to remain in the error-free race, Inuit Inc developed a fine tool with the name of QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.

    QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool is mainly used to see that your network, connectivity, data files, and the company files are in order.

    You can easily protect your company file with this tool. The main benefit is that this tool specifically works in the multi-user area.

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      Once the installation is done, Let us  focus on the usage of the tool

      • Double Click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon.
      • Ensure not to open the corrupted file at this moment.
      • Go to Utilities>> Repair File and Network Problems.
      • Click YES on the pop-up message that asks for permission to collect your personal information related to QuickBooks enterprise hosting and QuickBooks data. In case, you don’t see any pop-up it means that you have already given the required permission to the ‘Diagnostic Tool.’
      • Now go to the folder where you have the ‘company files’ saved and now look for the problematic company file and select Open.
      • Select ‘Show advanced settings,’ and you will see a list of items in a drop-down.
      • Choose the issue that best describes your current problem
      • Fill in your ‘QB Login ID & Password.’ Ensure to put in the ‘correct credentials.’
      • Now select the ‘QuickBooks Connection Tool,’ and it should open successfully.
      • Wait till the diagnose and repair on the file are being done. This can take several minutes to complete.
      • Now re-open the ‘Fully repaired company file.’




      Answered on September 12, 2019.
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