How to upadate QuickBooks Desktop Vearsion 2018?

    so plz help me provide the answer How to upadate QuickBooks Desktop Vearsion 2018?

    Asked on September 20, 2017 in Other.
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      Intuit is about to launch the latest version of QuickBooks i.e. QuickBooks Desktop 2018 in the middle of this year. Although it is too hard to predict the exact date but the new version can be expected to be in the market in the second or third week of September. Intuit has released all prior versions, such as QuickBooks 2016 or QuickBooks 2017 in the 3rd week of September for the last ten years.


      Looking at last few years trend, Intuit has been releasing the new version of QuickBooks on the last Tuesday of September. Though Intuit has officially not confirmed any dates for this year’s release yet, and, we don’t see much discussion in Intuit forums on this too, but we still think that it will be released on 26th September 2017.

      Get Free Support for QuickBooks:-
      Small and medium sized business owners are extremely excited about the launch of QuickBooks 2018 and industry experts are making predictions about the feature enhancements that are expected from the product.
      There have been many speculations about the new features that will be available in QuickBooks 2018. QuickBooks hosting services providers are accordingly making new plans to target customers as soon as the launch is announced.
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      Move to QuickBooks 2017 Desktop Hosting with Techarex Networks and we will upgrade you automatically to QuickBooks 2018 Desktop Hosting as soon as Intuit launches the QuickBooks 2018 for Pro, Premier and Enterprise editions this year.
      Here are some General exceptions of QuickBooks users from QuickBooks 2017:-

      1:- Compatibility with QuickBooks 2017 and other prior versions:- You must have the ability to save files of the latest version into older formats. Imagine a situation in which you need to share few company files with people using versions of QuickBooks like QuickBooks 2015, QuickBooks 2014 etc.

      2:- Support for Office 2016:- You have upgraded to microsoft Office 2016 and are using QuickBooks 2016 with it. You may suffer due to the improper functioning of the software. Since Intuit has not managed any.
      For Example:- You can work for your business invoices through Outlooks 2013 but not Outlook 2016.

      3:- Choice to update the software:- QuickBooks is that you can manage your employee payroll and get it synchronized to your online bank accounts. As per the Intuit’s discontinuation policy, you will lose product support and many of the features gets blocked. You need to enter all the transactions manually. In order to get everything back in to practice, you need to upgrade to a newer version of QuickBooks, even if you do not require any amendments in the software. If you want to more information then Contact the QuickBooks Customer Support &  Services phone number +1-855-441-4417 and get the Help.

      Answered on September 20, 2017.
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        In QuickBooks Desktop Version 2018 has new features and changes, that apply to QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. In the updated version of QuickBooks, one of its key features is the ability to work with remote devices. For example – Barcode scanner. Whenever you need to scan any item, you need not necessarily be connected directly to your desktop or laptop.

        To know about how to update, Read more…

        And having any issues related to QuickBooks, Contact our QuickBook Customer Support, Powered by: #wizxpert.

        Answered on December 6, 2017.
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