How to turn on advanced inventory?

    so plz help me How to turn on advanced inventory? provide the answer

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      How to turn on advanced inventory?

      I am here to guide you to turn on your advanced inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise support Solutions.

      If you have bought a QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions with a new subscription, or if you are existing customer that just purchased the Advanced Inventory module, the first thing you are going to want to do is turn on Advanced Inventory in your QuickBooks Enterprise file.

      Now, lets get start step-by-step :

      • Open Enterprise.
      • Choose Edit> Preference.
      • Select the items and inventory in the left-hand column.
      • Select the Company Preference tab on the top.
      • Check the box Inventory and Purchase orders are active.
      • Choose the Advanced Inventory Settings button to set your Advanced Inventory settings to match your company’s work flow.
      • Click OK.

      To get more functions and features in more detail, go through this link: How to turn on advanced inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise?

      Answered on July 5, 2017.
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