How to turn on advanced inventory in Quickbooks Enterprise?

    what is the way to turn of the advanced inventory and how to use it in QuickBooks Enterprise?

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      If you are using QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, you can purchase or subscribe to Advanced Inventory feature which enables you to use:

      • FIFO costing
      • Multiple location inventories
      • Bar code scanning
      • Bin or lot tracking
      • Serial or lot numbers


      To turn on advanced inventory:

      1. First, open Quickbooks Enterprise, and click Edit menu after that click Preferences.
      2. On the left side menu bar, choose Items & Inventory then click the Company Preferences tab.
      3. In this window, you can also check the Inventory and Purchase Orders are the Active box.
      4. Then click the Advanced Inventory Settings button. And then choose the multiple fields which is used. If the button is grayed out even though you have purchased the feature, you will need to sync license data online so that QuickBooks recognizes it.


      For more information about Advance inventory we also provide a QuickBooks online Support, you can also contact our toll-free number: +1-844-551-9757

      Answered on July 26, 2017.
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