How to Share a Quickbooks company file over the network?

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Company file is the company’s record and provider of registry documents. It is used to understand the customer, supplier or opponent. Rather than knowing the other side, we can not read the registration documents from the local corporation, which will tell us a firm. It increases knowledge and decreases the risks of your company. In the Quickbooks, the company file is most important. You can easily share your Quickbook company file over the network with the help of Qbox. Follow these points to share Quickbooks company file-

  • First of all, install the QuickBooks Database Manager on the computer.
  • Turn off password-protected sharing with the help of Network Discovery Enabled.
  • Now sign in on the Qbox account.
  • Find the company file and right-click if want to share, then select Properties.
  • On the Sharing tab, select Share this folder.
  • After this, Go to the Security to set permissions for each user.
  • Now select the Apply button and click OK.

These points have all explanation about Quickbooks company file share. But with the help of Qbox, it is easy to share QuickBooks company files outside your network. It is a like of Dropbox for Quickbooks files without any conflicted copies. The safe process is followed by this. Your company file is always secure if you use the Qbox for company file share.

Answered on October 12, 2018.
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